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By Innes-
Time of year again where I give a limited amount of free web hosting accounts for one whole year!

Disk Space: 250MB
Bandwidth: 2GB Monthly
CPanel Control v11
PHP v5.2.4
Auto Backup Storage Account
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Auto responders
CGI, PHP, Perl, Python
Webalizer Statistics
24/7 Technical Support
99% Uptime
Quality Bandwidth
High Uptime Connectivity

You will get the hosting bronze package for free, all that you need to-do is register a domain for around $6 or use one you already own, since the domain option is not free this time. Click the order for bronze package and quote promotion code xmass.
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By Yoink
Promotion code does not validate.

Urghh please see if I am registered under the e-mail, or if you like a name or address instead I can identify the account that way. I think I may have set up the account improperly.

Blah it did set up. Check your private messages Innes.
By Innes-
Make sure you select the annual option when registering or you will be invoiced.
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By Kupo!
are these still any good or not?

I entered the code today, and it said fine and gabe me a balance of $0.00, but then it took me to a paypal site and asked me to pay. I was just wondering if it's too late or what should be happening.
By Innes-
you need to have a registerd domain first, thats why u got billed i can register a domain cheap for you and u will then get the free hosting.
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By Adriano
Thanatos wrote:COOL
i came back from the dead to remind you..I have not forgotten about the new site that you promised years ago
rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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