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By Bajan
Anyone feel like helping me beta test this script? I'm the only person that works on this and my time is taken up either by life, or developing the script.

I need to find any and all exploits, loopholes etc so that I can get a stable script going, Once the final version is released I may even add your name under the "Thanks to/Beta Testers" section

So if your interested, post here or PM me here or in-game (99% of the time AFK) and I will send you the URL to the dev server and the latest build of the script, if you have PHP and MySQL experiance, it would be a great bonus to the testing.

I am also looking for people who can translate the english language file to other languages, so that the script can be available to a wider group of people.

So far I have;

Simplified Chinese (complete)
Dutch (Being Worked On)
Finnish (Being Worked On)
Slovenian (complete)
French (complete)
Spanish (Incomplete)
Russian (Incomplete/Requires Small Update)
German (Incomplete)
Portuguese (complete)

I would do the french language file but, mon francais ne pas bien =/
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By Shem
i can do the dutch part.
and some pen-testing
By Bajan
A guy on squad offered to do Dutch earlier today, but thanks for the offer. I could certainly use your help with the testing side of things. I'll PM you the details.

BTW, if your wonder what this script is about, it is a file/download managment system which can be fully integrated into a website.
By lagGore
i can take the german
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By la

I can do spanish for you bajan, just email me the script again if you wouldnt mind.
By ktss87
I'll do the Tamil for you. and the singhalese. And the crazyafricanlanguageyoumostprobablydonthave.
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