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League/Game based ideas
By RaeRae
Since the population is so dead, basically one of the only ways to bring back people is to have a set time and date for any games. Cript had the idea of an individual pickup based league, where it's basically if you show (winners get more) you have the chance to win the league. Could do season based ideas (say every 6 weeks). Stats would be posted and then entered into a spreadsheet. No GMs, no rosters, no playoffs. Games would be at a set time on Sundays.
By Optimal
this sounds like to much weight for the state we in. just look at how it sounds

Individual pick up league

sounds like a loaded truck

daily/weekly knockout tourny

now this sounds amazing, simple and interesting.

its what we need, things not only have to be simple like holding forward, they have to sound simple too. look simple, feel simple. What the game needds is the simplicity of other mmo games, that 1 or 2 click and play feeling. in any game you get trashed if u suck, but if u need to wait a long time on a game to start, deal with lagouts, deal with ingame trolls and then still get trashed for sucking, im not soft in anyway like that but i guess for some people its very heavy.

Even reading a thread about a new league can be very heavy. take for example the last 2 big new league ideas. i havent read any of it, i replied to some subjects being discussed, but i never fully read any of it and i probaly one of the few that actually reads the stuff most of the time. It was just very heavy to read, to deal with etc... even coming to this ebsite can be an issue for players when they see its actually not a save website. it even says so right now in my browser. how do u expect to have visitors and views when google chrome shows this website as not save, i dont care myself, if theres something that people cant know about me ever, it wont ever go tru any form of tele communication or network, but others might not trust a drunk rek with their info.

im gettin way of topic tho. stay wake!
By greenspace
coolidea. Could show someting like this:

Baseduel fever is real, players want's to play. Here is how it happens:

Each invidual will competite against other space -pilots, but working as a team gains advantage in your score aswell.
On gamenights there is a judge counting your scores for you and results will be posted on forums.

This league is all about winning and being active

Enter Extreme Games public arena and join frequency = 55 on gamenights to be able to get picked for PBDL games.

Score distribution:
+ 1 point for each baseduel game played.
+ 0.5 points for each baseduel game won.

1.Played in public arena during sundays xx:xx -xx:xx o'cock.
2. By using baseduel bot.
3. By obeying these following procedures:

:arrow: -There is 2 captains. Each one for both teams. Captain is chosen among players for each round.
Type !c in general chat to announce other players that you are the captain of the team.
If over 2 players wants to be an captain, figure it out some how at the scene :lol:

:arrow: -Teams will be always picked up in turns by captains from avaible players in freq 55 at beging of the round,
//Just like in pickup, this works same way but without a bot (who needs those, humans can still solve problems!)

:arrow: -Picking order will be chosen by greenrace. First 10 greens wins. multigreens count, choose wisely. 8)
:!: Pick fresh, 3 bty ship, Count 3,2,1 together in blue chat, warp back to center when done. Using buy or prizes does not count and will give immediately 1st pick's rights to your opponent captain.

:arrow: -To avoid unnecceccery balance between vets and newbs (aka. stacking) after each win, teams needs to be shuffled by atleast 1 player after each baseduel game to gain ANY score.

-Play as same alias if you wan't your score to stack. :idea:
-Gamesize needs to be atleast 3v3. :!:

Season info
-4 week long season lasts by calender months.
-Gameplay nights could be for example on sundays 20:00-22:00 on ZULU time
(Feel free to suggest different times, but I think this regular EG's league time could work.)

:!: :!: (if game has been started within timeframe, it scores will be counted aswell.) :!: :!:

Any thoughts?
rip EG

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