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By Lee
Dear all!

Due to very low interest in draft flagging league, we have decided to put the concept on hold and instead proceed with another idea. Here is the league structure explained:
* League will have 6 GMs, each of them able to pick co-captain, who GM trusts and who can represent GM if he is missing or cannot show for his timeslot. There will be no draft or official rosters, everyone online and willing to play during Sundays will be eligible.
* League will function as solo pickup league, with games taking place at 2, 3 and 4pm est. Gametimes will be scheduled, so each GM will have specific gameslot, but teams will be determined each time with simple pickup process.
* Each GM plays other GM once, with main season lasting for 5 weeks and followed by playoffs.

* There will be 2 separate standings. GMs will have their own ranking system, with 5 points given if team will win from 0-30 minutes, 4 points if team will win from 31-60 minutes and 3 points if team will win by having more flags at the end of 1 hour timer. Top 4 Gms after main season will proceed to playoffs with nr.1 ranked GM facing nr.4 and nr.2 facking nr.3. Winners of playoffs (2b1) will be 2 GMs fighting in finals (1 game).
* Players will be also ranked in separate standings. Each player will get points with similar manners as GMs, so if player is on winning freq, they will score either 5, 4 or 3 points. In addition 1 extra point is given to player with most kills, most deaths and highest rated (also players from losing team can score bonus points).
* If bot dies during game, extra points will be not given, but ref in charge is responsible of screenshotting winning freq.
* Top 28 players will be eligible for playoffs. This will based on live rankings of players showing up. So if 40 players show up for playoffs, 28 best ranked of them will be eligible to play. If 50 show, same rule, if 20 show up, everyone can play no matter their previous performance.
* Top 14 players will be eligible for finals. Similar rule will apply as for playoffs. Players will also score from semifinal games.
* Rankings will be held according to alias. If player uses separate aliases, they will be not merged.

* During main season, each player is allowed to only play in maximum 2 games out of 3 during weekend, to encourage more players getting game time (this we could overlook if not enough players show up for games)
* Aliasing will be checked and players removed and banned from league if any aliasers turn up afterwards
* GMs and captains will be not counted in solo player rankings, if they score solo bonus points, they will be ignored. GM does not have to pick captain for his actual playing team if he chooses not to.
* There is no possibility of switching captain once league starts. Once captain/Gm, you cannot enter solo charts.
* Other gms and captains cannot be picked as players for other matches.
* Doing !lt during game setup accounts for -1 point in solo rankings.
* Players who have negative points in live rankings will be not allowed to participate in league.
* Purposely sabotaging frequency will result in removal of player from freq and from league.
* Player can be chosen if he comes to league arena and types !p to pickup bot once game is ready to start and he is not competitor gm or co-captain
* Only players who are on freq by the time of win will score points, if you lagout/leave right before, tough luck.
* GMs do not have to repick lagged players, but they can
* players who lag, but remain in spec will have to !lt themselves, if they do not do it, they will be removed by ref.

* Games will take place in 8v8 format. (with possibility of upgrading to 10v10 if interest is sufficient)
* No balls
* 15 flags
* 1 hour timer
* team with more flags carried (+ dropped) will win if winner is not found within 60 minutes.

Key points to remember:
Each GM/co-captain can pick whoever he wants, their goals are to win their pickups and be among top 4 GMs after main season is over and then to win in playoffs.
Other players fight for solo points (which they get mainly by helping their teams win, but also for some individual awards). Only active and winning players will be allowed to fight in final match and winning freq of final will be announced winner of league together with GM and co-captain.

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