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Baseduel Tournament hosted by Glyde
By Glyde1
Type of signup: 5000egc buy-in for each squad no draft 3v3 and 4s squad limited to 5 on roster. Rosters locked at start of qualifying.

I am going to host a small BD tournament as this league is ending and hopefully end the BD tournament a week or two after league ends.

To start the tournament there will be a qualifying period for 2 weeks where the squads signed up can bd anytime using pub bot. Lagouts will not count. Only the top squads will the make the playoffs and will battle it out for the egc purse.

Qualifying period: BD matches will be 5b1 using pub bd bot. Wins give your squad 3 points and losers will get 0 points. I'll most likely be able to update the standings every night around 11-12est. Playoff structure and amount of squads that make it will be determined later. Qualifying period will be September 17 - October 1st. Will open the ladder right after game 2 Of the league finals now. After the qualifying weeks playoffs will start and captains can play there opponents any day but if squads can't agree to a certain time Sunday at 3pm est will be the standard playoff game time. Pretty much a month long tourny 2weeks to qualify then 2weekends of playoffs.
If we can get captains access to BD bot we could use that instead of pub but we will use what we can for now.

So ya talk to your stacking buddies and let's get some BD going during the weeknights that's fun and competitive. If you want to captain a team post it and any other info you have on your team for now. You got 2 weeks till qualifying start and set your team in stone.
*depending on signups and donations egc purse will change.
when is it 3vs3 and when is it 4vs4?

what if i make a squad with several random newbs but i only want to play 3vs3, no 4s.
am i allowed to?
By Glyde1
Captains will have access to BD bot in the egbdl arena to start matches at 3s or 4s. It does not lock on 3s in the test so we Wil figure something out for that.

If you are going to captain a team please let me know so I can get a list of captains to rae. I hope to message her the list on Saturday so Sunday we are ready to go after game 2.

If you you would like to play but having a tough time joining a roster let me know I will be running a squad in the tournament and need some active players.

Join chat BDTOURNY for any questions and help finding squads to join. Also I Will start an alias so we can keep the egc PURSE on that and start collecting those entry fees.
I'll be a captain, anyone who needs a squad lmk in game on drug or finite.
By Glyde1
Captains so far are eel, kush, finite, and famous? Am going to allow to other squads to sign up thru this week. I have seen eels roster but if the other 3 could post a 5man today we can start this up. I am out of town till Tuesday night and can't log in game but should be prepared to start today after flagging match. Once captains are added to egbdl bot use that for all matches and post them to forums. I'll start a topic later that we can use to post all games too if you guys decide to get some BDs tonight. Just a reminder that bds can be played anytime a captain is around to accept. Wins will give you 3 ladder points and losers 0. I expect a couple more squads will join this week so for the playoffs if we stay at 4 squads. Will take the top 3 to playoffs, top seed on ladder gets 1st round bye.
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Glyde1 wrote:
September 27th, 2017, 8:23 pm
It's all day all week thing already. Unless you mean just have like a double elimination kinda thing on just Sunday?
Yes double elimination tournament all on sunday and lets say you save finals for the following week after draft
Hopefully ppl log on today.. it's nice that you can play 3's as well - maybe we'll get a match today?
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