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So looking at the standings and everything, Style Boys is already out of the running for the playoffs 100%. There's no way they can turn their season around and Kush royally fked up this season and continued his Kurse. With that being said, I'm going to assume that they will also lose their next two games to the two current top seeds, Abusement Park and eeluminati.

So looking at Art's current standings for the playoffs. They are 2-2 for the season and just like Style Boys, still have to face the two highest rated teams.

If Art can miraculously pull off both wins against Abusement and Eel (With style boys losing both games as predicted) then the outcome of the standings for the end of the season will be a THREE WAY tie. Wow that's amazing. And it will all come down to however the tie breaker is solved (lol I haven't paid attention to the rules all season so why start now).

My prediction is that Art will lose to at least one of these teams though (probably both) and won't make the playoffs and it will be Abusement Park and Eeluminati going for the gold in the finale. K gg's afk
rip EG

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