Semi-Finals GAME3 - September 3rd - 2:30 - Glory Holes vs RIP

Who will win?

Glory Holes
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Re: Semi-Finals GAME3 - September 3rd - 2:30 - Glory Holes vs RIP

Post by Lee » September 4th, 2017, 10:10 am

Was fun game, but i think we eventually lost the series mainly due to lack of anchors. So many times attack died out in vain, flank was completely out of question, as no one was able to stay alive for longer than 5 minutes as flank anchor. Same goes with fr anchoring. Glyde did fine, but really, he was totally unable to hold onto ball, hence also being less effective for supporting swings and having to be further back. And previously we had most probably our best swing in clutch stuck as fr, with clutch actually in game, we could have been more effective in attack.
Another thing is that people just have completely forgotten how to flag, it is just baseduel in both bases and Glory Holes obviously had better baseduellers. Gone are the days where people actually meaningfully drive to get momentum and push forward, jump from offence to defense once wall appears, do coordinated mobs (defense hold/offence push) and other stuff. Just random baseduel.
Just like in game 2, there was a nice 20-30 minute stretch where me/unlimited and dazz did really nice holding at home, last swing staying alive and others pushing, but no clear roles. This time I experienced once nice attack with kush/poem, where we had no issues getting to their fr even with gaz as nme anchor, but then of course he just died. After that someone lagged or had to leave and never we achieved same teamwork again. Once again it was based on staying alive deep, not trying to cloak to nme safe, but actually push, kill, secure area, push forward. I really do not enjoy this type of amateurish flagging, rather just forget about it and only host baseduel leagues imho.
90% of times it was just people trying to hero and it was not really only RIP, obviously Glory Holes in the end came out as being more successful in hero.
Using solo hero has always been a valid strategy, this does not mean that every single person on freq tries to do it lol.

Anyways as my last topic on this league, this must have been the least enjoyable league ive ever played in EG. All the rules changes, the fact that if feels like it has been going on for a year, so many pointless games, half of roster changing from beginning etc. I am really glad it will be over.
Good luck to teams in finals though.
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Re: Semi-Finals GAME3 - September 3rd - 2:30 - Glory Holes vs RIP

Post by DaZZ! » September 5th, 2017, 5:59 am

Lee wrote:
September 4th, 2017, 10:10 am
I really do not enjoy this type of amateurish flagging
I have to agree here quite a lot. I understand why this has happened and what are the issues, but this simply isn't as much fun as it used to be. It was more fun when people were committed, there were squad rivalries, teams were praccing before matches and there were more players present. Of course people have moved on and grown up. Therefore it's close to impossible to practice throughout week (to get better), to improve teamwork (no one really cares) and to flag (no players to flag with or against). Now there's simply very little competition and it's the same (~20ish) players playing baseduel (starts at ~3pm est which is 11pm for me) and this league felt more like basedueling than good ol' flagging.

Also the squad's internal struggles (we're all adults, so I'm surprised this even happens) doesn't motivate anyone or boost the morale of the team in any way.

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Re: Semi-Finals GAME3 - September 3rd - 2:30 - Glory Holes vs RIP

Post by Optimal » September 5th, 2017, 4:23 pm

IMO, the game got easier with overall skill dropping. but no1 is willing to teach either.

Maybe lee can start a EG school type of event where players can join an arena where basic training is given. I think lee can contribute to this with theoretic views on how to play. I remember his wise words and theory from when he was my mentor in trespasser and it really opened my view on how the game was played and that theres a deeper level of thinking while playing and how this effects your choice of play at every moment.
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