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Extreme Games Draft League x 2017
By Unlimited
All in all a very balanced draft, just about every GM had a decent draft but some did better than others. I'm not going to rate them, however.. everyone seemed to have a balanced draft and rating is just unnecessary. Will put what I think is their best line up as well. Here's my take:


With the acquisition of Thecript/artofwar/kingdazz rip is even stronger on attack as well as defense, not to mention PeeJay and Gaz are versatile players who will be useful. Very good backup players in Ippo (no one must know about this guy, very good midtier,) lounger, and a handicap. Very happy with my draft, went for WHAT I NEEDED instead of just selecting the most skilled, well.. did a little of both.

MFR Clutch - S1 TheCript S2 KingDazz S3 Kush NME Sabertooth - A1 Unlimited A2 Poem A3 Lee/artofwar


Odius went the route of drafting solid swings in Rushmore & Smoki, a very deadly combo IF Rushmore decides to get active? this is going to be a tough team to face. Drafting Ronan was also a good move, Ronan is a fierce attacker BUT we'll have to see if he can show. Johnson also drafted decent midtiers in Rabbit/1L as well Mangled. Solid draft all around.

MFR Unplug - S1 dbz S2 Smoki S3 Rushmore NME Yakuza - A1 Bacon A2 Combo A3 Ronan

Glory Holes

Probably the best draft there was yesterday, with the acquisions of Pao/Mercede$/square/termi they have managed to totally turn things around given Finite's whatever draft? now has a contention team that looks very scary. Fin also did well depth wise and drafted underrated players in twistnturn/heath/titty/yellow. I just hope mercede$ fixes her lag issue, and square? well.. I'm sure he'll show one of these sundays. Finite might be allergic to spreadsheets but still got the job done.

MFR B00gyman - S1 Pao S2 Taunt S3 bugs NME Mercede$ - A1 Renowned A2 Drug A3 Square Apple


Eel had a pretty smart draft. Instead of drafting a bunch of top tier players like most, he went the route of adding the pieces he needed to his already strong team. SPIKE is a stud game changer, omega red is very versatile, and if Romeo starts showing? their defense as well as attack will be deadly as heck. After those 3 players the draft went down hill, however, and drafted not so good bench players. All in all a smart draft.

MFR Ice Boss - S1 Monty Python S2 Romeo S3 Mini NME Omega Red - A1 H4B A2 SPIKE A3 eel
By gaZ
Glory had the worst draft. Of all the players he picked, only pao and termi can play or will show, and paos lag was acting up as the league went on. Hands down worst draft on the board.
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By Johnson
Can't say I'm not happy, especially looking at that lineup.

We needed swings, we drafted swings. Simple as that. Some very strong mid tier players, as you noted, will really help me start a lineup that doesn't have me in it, which can only be a good thing!
By Hunt for Blood
Odius top line does look decent now. Maybe we will need 8 players this time to beat them.
By Unlimited
Johnson, having so many s1's as s1/s2/s3 is never a good thing, though.. smoki s1 rushmore s2, and maybe put dbz as A1 so your attack can have a solid killer.
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By Omega Red
good picks all around. The squads are now all stacked, great.

best picks:

TC, Termi

if they show/dont lag:

Rushmore, Pao, Smoking Blue, Dazz, Square Apple, Spike
By kess
playing A3 im outkilling 95% of the players around and vs me every game. Still get benched :D
The Future of EG

EG all the way! I really hope it works out well.

TWDT Season 18

I'll sign up if you cap


Why not just host a ete/duel league!

Ways to attract Vets back???

Need them more then ever now!!

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