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By Lee
With quarterfinals behind us, it is time to wave goodbye and shed a tear, as 2 more squads are no longer among us:

Season has been a big disappointment for Praised and also for several others who considered them a candidate for final. It is quite funny how they managed to actually beat 2 squads still in competition (Jesus Shit/8thwonder) in main season, but ultimately failed when it mattered.
Why did that happen?
Blame goes to Unplug. Similar to Smoking Blue, he was stuck in his mindset of what his best lineup should be, and stuck with it no matter what. Poem/Reno/Taunt had to play if they showed and that was the end of it. Loss to Wrekt should have hinted unplug, that it is not the title winning lineup, but he did not make any changes or try anything alternative options. In main season Praised defeated 8thwonder (who did not have thix though) with Unplug playing himself. Boogyman, whenever he got the very rare chance, showed some great rushing skills, never tried vs 8thwonder.
Only change Unplug did was switching low vp anchor, not realizing that low vp anchor was not the cause of his defeat, but his rushing trio just not clicking.
Taunt/Reno together are too passive in 4v4, poem tried his best, but he was left alone rushing and that never works. Good Gm would have benched one of 2 and tried unplug/boogy or why not even ritzand, who is good rusher. Also, neither proz or 24k gold had to anchor in first round. Bacon more or less had double the amount of kills compared to low vp anchor, who was clearly uncomfortable.

What a disappointing way to go out in quarterfinals with low vp not showing. This is really not surprising though, putting all eggs in one basket. Kipy of course is by far one the best low vp not only in fanatik, but entire league, but for last month games, Fanatik has more or less only used him. There are no viable backups. Instead of random trades with people who never get to start, doomsy should have instead focused in actually getting someone to replace kipy, if he does not show. Next one in line is someone called voevoed.
Still, unlike praised, actually making it to top 6 was an achievement, it is just a shame as Extort did not have their best lineup showing as well and Fanatik could have put up a fight.
By Unlimited
Accurate write up except for the fact that twistnturn, by far, is the best low vp and it's not even close.
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