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By RaeRae
I messaged him to discuss. If he says he does not plan on actively playing, he'll be dropped.
By RaeRae
I did, haven't heard anything back. Messaged him again, and if I don't hear from him by the end of the day he'll be dropped.

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By dreownsu
Taunt> hey
Daman24/7> hi?
Taunt> you dont want to play in league?
Daman24/7> No I don't. I'm not interested
Taunt> egdl
Taunt> ok no problem

approved, dropped.
The Future of EG

EG all the way! I really hope it works out well.

TWDT Season 18

I'll sign up if you cap


Why not just host a ete/duel league!

Ways to attract Vets back???

Need them more then ever now!!

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