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By Heath
Last edited by Heath on January 18th, 2016, 4:45 am, edited 2 times in total.
By apex^_^
looks good, hope your whole roster is active and you have a good show this weekend for squadmatch.
By Lacoste
gl with squad :)

now thats a fucking boring edit...ah u lucky i like u :) -- ps laggore..ya sure we can have a beer or something if we around same spot/same time :) priv msg me if u want..
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By Lawbuh
lol, if you wanna remove me you can. My computer is broken and I just havent gotten around fixing it.
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By mattyoung
i' wont be able to play for a while im on holiday :(
By Lag Knight
edit: the black banner is cool tho
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By Heath
rk that 'cool' graphic was hairy balls and an asshole filtered a few times in adobe btw
Scheduled pickups?

what happened to scheduling some pickups?

We can organize a fund, pull together a few grand […]

Rip e.g

Squadmatch anyone ?

420 is ready for anyone, even a pick up team.

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