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By RaeRae
Attention: Acid, Insonic, Grid & Art

Due to how long the semi-finals and finals games have been the past two weeks, we've decided to merge BD semis and finals into a one day event. This event will occur one of two days:

If there is NO GAME 3 for finals, BD will be played September 11th at 3pm

If there is a GAME 3 for finals, BD will be played September 18th at 3pm

The itinerary will be as follows:

Semi Finals (games will be played at the same time):

Acid (1) Vs. Art (4)
Insonic (2) Vs. Grid (3)


Winner Vs. Winner

Games will be best two of three.
If a team no-shows within 10 minutes of start, other team that shows will automatically win.
If the two teams that are versus each other do not show, they will be disqualified and the remaining two teams will battle in finals.
If only one team shows, that team will automatically be declared champion.

Ask any questions you may have here. You have a week and a half (or more!) to recruit your teams back if you're already out.
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By dreownsu
rae, teams should still be allowed to delay game by 10 mins.
By Optimal
this is pretty gay. What if my team makes finals, some of my euro starters including myself will be tired and go to bed for monday.
You cant make this change just cause you see it fit. its not fair at all against euro players. So again i ask as captain of ART and shotcaller for BDL who the fuck did u decide this with and why? what is the logical and legit reason behind this change in playoffs

You didnt talk this out with other squadleaders or caps. Who would come up with such dumb idea for playoffs anyway. First nothing about BDL or Grid and then this big change who will have a big impact on the quality of games and its players.

Dont see why you are trying to rush it anyway, you have like what 20 signups for draft, 3 eligible gm's.
By RaeRae
You're acting like I moved it to Wednesday at 9pm EST. There is literally nothing different about these games than any other game. Should be over within 3 hours max. It's not even an unexpected change, I have repeated numerous times in after both games that due to the longevity of EGFL semis/finals, BDL semis/finals would be postponed. Technically it should have been over a week ago.

It would be more unfair to your euro players if we had BDL right after the EGFL games, which has been around 7pm EST. This was the best compromise and those GMs I spoke to (I messaged AOW, no response) seemed this was the best way to finish off the league. You have a whole week (or even more) still to recruit back your team.
By Optimal
this obviously wasnt your idea raerae but anyway, all we ask for is one match up per day. any bdl finals with this setup will be around mid night for euro players and that on a sunday. How is that so hard to comprehend? Stop being so damn basic and think a bit harder. Have some depth.

Off the record, You expect constructive critisism but nothing staff does is well thought through. You favour other staffers in cases of abuse. You produce and execute anything you like for yourself except for the players who actively compete in the zone.Of which only 2/3 staffers are part off. etc etc etc.(generally speaking)

Once you guys start thinking more efficient and also executing more efficient, we will start being more constructive with you.

Now you just do some halfly senseless stuff, make us complain about it, call us cryers and trolls and ungratefull and then apologize for being complete assholes which has hapened in only a fe rare cases too. You have no sense of morality yet portray players like me who openly talk about something wrong as the bad guys.
By RaeRae
You threw in so many unnecessary personal insults yet you're expecting a favor from me to go your way? That's not how it works. I would have gladly considered your opinion more if you have been an adult about it. And why even throw in those arguments that have nothing to do with league? We all know how you feel, you've made that perfectly clear the first hundred times.

If the time slot for finals gets too late, I am willing to push it to the following week. But if possible, I'd rather get it over with since we're behind on the schedule, and the league coordinator has perma afk leaving this league to die on its own. This is a last attempt to see it ends in a organized manner as opposed to a free for all. These games could last a total of twenty minutes, or 3 hours. If it's short, why not get it done?
By Optimal
how is you doing a good job and keeping things fair a favour for me? arent you suposed to be spokes person for the non staff players? Also we the squads/players should be free to schedule our games within a certain time limit or get an auto schedule by staff for that particular game. What youre doing now is making us finish the remainder of the league which for 2 squads will be 2 games of best of 3. Any team making the the finals will want to be in their best shape, said in short.

EGDL is still a long time ahead and still having bdl after egfl finals will keep the zone alive etc etc etc.

Postponed is ok, just dont jam everything into one day with a limited time slot for some squads/players.
If art wins against us, they can choose egbdl finals time. if not, we can play it on same day. Jesus christ its a miracle we found a solution.
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By dreownsu
can you or monty make prediction threads for the games respectively. well the semi's with match times.
By Optimal
why would anyone want to communicate on a professional lvl with people who cant think clearly on a damn game and nothing they do they do professional. Just like your skills gaz, these staffers are pretty amaturistic.
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