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Can someone please be more organized and post the game times of Acid vs Grid for Semi's? And if we are playing 3 matches for semi finals or just 1 match? Thanks ladies.
By Optimal

4.1 All matches will be pre-scheduled.

4.2 All EGFL matches must be scheduled to occur between 1:00 PM EST Saturday and 3:00 PM EST Sunday. All teams will have a fixed schedule. Daylight Savings Time will be honored as defined by National Institute of Standards and Technology ( ).

4.3 There will be a minimum of 1-hour gap between start time of different games.

4.4 Better seeded team has the right to choose gametime (between 1-4pm est) in playoffs, EGFL Finals will be held at 3pm EST.


9.1 Semi Finals games will be 1 games.

9.2 EGFL Finals will be best out of 3 games. Both EGFL Finals squads will be eligible to schedule games.

EGBDL unscheduled games will be played in public baseduel bases.
EGBDL scheduled games will be played in egbdl. Best out of three.

- Top 4 teams enter playoffs. Best out of three game series to 5.

- Scheduled games will be 5vs5.

- Unscheduled games You can play 4vs4, 5vs5 Vs any other EGFL squad.
- Unscheduled games You can play vs ANYONE 5vs5 games only.
- Squad that wins needs to post stats on forums.
- Be careful who plays and watch your lag, if any team loses due to a lag out the game will count regardless.
- Players not only have to be squadjoined to squad, but the names on stats must match the name on the roster in order for kush to validate the win.
- If both squads don't come up with a set time for the 5vs5 bd deadline to play is Sunday at 6 PM EST. (If you see the other squad with 5 online you could ask them to play the "Scheduled" match right then and there.
- Stats will be posted by the winning team under Predictions & Results.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, schedule game is the team you play that week in egfl best out of three to 5. Unscheduled would be weekday games.

Point system

Scheduled game 2 out of 3 will earn the squad 30 points. A loss or no-show will earn the squad 0 points.

Unscheduled games vs egfl squads will earn you 5 points.

Unscheduled games vs 5 random players will earn you 3 points.

taunt said you will play grid at 2pm est. w can schedule after with a marge of 3 hours starting at 3om est, giving you 3 more hours to complete your egfl match. if you guys cant beat grid in 4 hours you mightaswell forfeit now

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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