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By doomsy
Ok so this is directed to you eel. fc made mosi and heavie quit ss and they wont be coming back ( problems between these guys wont explain here ) so i lost 1 captain which is at the same time 1 of my top players and another decent player im asking if i could get a permission to recruit at least 2 players to fill this huge hole?

dont rly want a favor or anything im only asking , would rly help me out tho.
By Optimal
We can give u altamega, maybe you can get him to show, and i dont mind that gettin a squad that needs more members to have more chance on having a full show a pass on roster lock, it will help the league and a squad that needs it.


Mosi and heavie need to confirm the rly quit and be removed from roster. This is a must in order to prevent possible abuse/exploit in gaining more members while rosterlock is up. So with this as a rule i will vote yes to the question
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By doomsy
i will provide wut i can to show that these 2 rly did quit ss without problem. and i doubt alta will log on just cuz he got switched to legacy lol

i cant squadkick them for an ownership problem but i will get them removed from roster.
By jaXen
I think he should be allowed to add. I actually know of two people on my tw squad (Lego) that were just asking about joining egfl yesterday. Their names are tj hazuki and nokkonen if you end up being allowed you should message those guys.

I think there should be an extended roster change for the lower tier squads only (legacy, art, 420). Twl actually just did something similar for the lower tier squads but they were only allowed to add players who were not currently on another twl squad.

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