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Rosters will be locked Friday 7/29 at Midnight EST.
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420 you have till deadline to get 15+, you are free up to 35 max.
By Magic Bus
We have 15 right now eel would be great if you learned to count then maybe the league could be coordinated a bit better ya fckin goof
Since when is max changed to 35?
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By dreownsu
35 is only for low tier.
Who decides if a squad is low tier or not? I don't think a squad filled with infamous/juls/mini (vets playing for 10+ years) should be considered low tier. No matter how bad they are.
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By dreownsu
3.5 Each squad must have a roster minimum of 15, Roster size for each squad will be limited to 25 registered members or 35 registered members for low tier squads. Squad tier will be determined by EGFL coordinators.
Scheduled pickups?

what happened to scheduling some pickups?

We can organize a fund, pull together a few grand […]

Rip e.g

Squadmatch anyone ?

420 is ready for anyone, even a pick up team.

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