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We will be removing EGXC and adding EGBDL.

Here is what you need to know about EGBDL.

- EGBDL will be played in public baseduel bases.
- Top 4 teams enter playoffs. Best ouf ot three game series to 5.
- Scheduled games will be 5vs5.
- Unscheduled games You can play 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5 Vs any other EGFL squad.
- Unscheduled games You can play vs ANYONE 5vs5 games only.
- Squad that wins needs to post stats on forums.
- Be careful who plays and watch your lag, if any team loses due to a lag out the game will count regardless.
- Players not only have to be squadjoined to squad, but the names on stats must match the name on the roster in order for kush to validate the win.
- If both squads don't come up with a set time for the 5vs5 bd deadline to play is Sunday at 6 PM EST. (If you see the other squad with 5 online you could ask them to play the "Scheduled" match right then and there.
- Stats will be posted by the winning team under Predictions & Results.

Hopefully this doesn't raise any issues with any of the 6 squads we currently have, other factors made the decision to change from egxc to egbdl, egxc bot was not working 100% and it was stalling and one of the bases doesnt even work with the bot, Plus i think the majority of us would rather play a baseduel over EGXC. Playing baseduel will benefit pub jackpot in the long run help create games and hopefully activity.

Also thanks for Monty Python and Kush, Monty will be helping with predictions threads. Kush will be helping with updating the standings! Anyone want to help reffing? Any other ideas/issues feel free to bring them up.
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Another Update.


8.1 A EGFL scheduled match win will earn the squad 10 points. A loss or no-show will earn the squad 0 points.

8.1B A Public arena freq win with 5 or more EGFL Players on freq will earn 1 Point, with a jackpot of 3 mil+.

8.1C A Public arena freq win with 6 EGFL Players on freq will earn 3 Points, with a jackpot of 5 mil+.

8.1D A Public arena freq win with 6 EGFL Players on freq will earn 10 Points, with a jackpot of 10 mil+.

8.1E Top squads for the reset will earn 3 points. Via Edome -

8.1F Top 3 players with highest points will earn 2 points to their respected EGFL Squad, player must have a minimum of 7 days on the squad per post to add/remove on rosters forums. Via Edome -

*Kush will be updating the pub points for top squads and top 3 players after the baseduel scheduled games are played or 6 PM EST Sundays.
Why did it get changed? 10 points should atleast be 8 players on the squad. 6 for 10 points is kind of ridiculous. Seems like it only benefits full 25-member squads aka grid.
By jaXen
I agree there's no way a pub win should be equivalent to a competitive egfl match
By Monty Python
Yeah why the changes anyways? Leagues hasnt even kicked in really yet, there wasnt time to see how things go and how its balanced, yet its beeing changed already. Why? Its way too much overpowered now imho.
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By dreownsu
having the scheduled games / any games in pub i think is not a good idea. One being for lagouts, its an auto lose, and although we won yesterday cause the other team lagout, its not fun lol. Furthermore, you have a game started in pub your freq is locked in. Meaning you cannot make any subs. I think is will hurt newer players game time, if this was in a sub arena i feel newer players would get more game time as the team can always sub people. This is just my opinion though.
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By doomsy
i agree for subbing options , but like i told u in pub chat, get a ref/mod to host ur scheduled match in a priv bd arena u fight and come back to pub when its over. no need to make bd a self hosted arena again.

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