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By Kush
It is with the greatest of remorse that I officially drop theprotector, my 8th overall pick. It saddens me to say, TheProtector! has demanded a release from the clit, claiming we do not treat him with the respect and kindness he deserves. For anyone out there, I believe TheProtecor will be a valuable asset. Just make sure to respond when he asks questions during gameplay.

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Theprotector messaged me a while back he wanted out of league and even ?squadleave and is now ignoring our PM's.

By Airduster
he must of got mad once he found out there is no need to protect the safe zone in league play
By Optimal
naw, he calls them cheaters rofl and not worthy of his protection. scumbags is also one of the words he choose
By Unlimited
rofl told u that was like the worst pick, counted like 7 great players left in the draft.. was so confused to see you drafting him, guy is useless.. trash attitude and just incapable of learning to play

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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