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By Cyclone

I am heartfully sorry for my actions pre-league (entering 2 alaiases into the draft).

My main reason was to test the rating system to a large degree and it provoked a question (how could 2 names of the same person be different rated?) there was no malicious intent.

I realize eel takes time out of his day schedule from family/job/school and whatever (I dont know his circumstances) to run league. I also have a history of bad-ness with eel and he has worked with me despite my mal-adjustment. I thank him for his service to myself and the eg community.

I accept all due punishment especially removal of cyclone and off from the league, and I formally apologize to eel.

I also apologize to both squads and captains (clit commanders and 1st line) for being a pick that was thus removed from league. My actions have resulted in a decrease for both teams and I apologize.

Yours Truly,

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By Rek
Thanks for your apology. To address your question, I believe your rating on "Off" was based on the assumption that you were the player "delete". I'll let eel or other folks that voted reply as well.

My two cents.
By Unlimited
Not sure what others rated Off but I gave him a 2 since I had never seen the name and was most likely a newb. What seemed to have happened was that Finite assumed it was delete because delete owned that name a few years back. As far as what you are saying about what people rate you cyclone? Honestly? you sit behind ancors.. you never listen to what position squadleaders give you.. you get in game, and just do the opposite of what you are told. When you are not in game and in spec? you tell your squad the opposite what they should be doing.

Not sure if you purposely sabotage and troll or if you are really trying your best but it has been a few years now since you started and you seem to still do this stuff. Just last night I played with you in a pub game, and you sat behind our nme ancor the whole time... It's fine to lob, but you legit sit BEHIND the ancor.

In my opinion cyclone should be allowed to play, and just obviously take out Off. If you decide to do so, just add him to FA.
By Optimal
think any team would be glaD WITH CYCLONE OUT
Lol no he broke the rules like Unlimited did by having his cousin, Mopy alias in EGDL. So he deserves to be kicked out just like unlimited did. Also, I rated him a 3 and said (if this is delete, which it could be, then I rate him a 7). THX.
By Unlimited
?? my cousin aliased on his own, called me before the draft began and told me his alias.. it was a spur of the moment kinda thing. I was staff, so kicking me out needed to be done to set an example. This, however, is cyclone.. not a game changer what so ever, not a gm.. not staff. No one would care if eel was lenient and just let him sign up as FA.
By boogyman
rules are clear and he clearly did it intentionally. I vote enforce the ban

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