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By dreownsu
Owens - Twerk4Molly
Team VP: 114.

Owens with first pick went with Rushmore, who most likely will be playing in the s1 role. He then went on to get anchors and swings to round out his top 5 picks with World, Glyde, Ioth and Hydrange.

Top Lineup imo: MFR- Cyp (5) - [Rushmore(8) World(7) Cape(5)] NME- Hydrange(6) [Ioth(7) Owens(6) Glyde(7)] Total 51vp.

Monty - Team Gluten
Team VP: 119.

Monty went after anchors right in the start with Tryo and Disturbulance followed by attackers in Forcer, DarkKnight25 and Art of War.

Top Lineup imo: MFR- Tryo(8) - [Monty(8) Omega Red(6) Stryfe(4)] NME- Punisment(5) - [Forcer(7), DarkKnight25(7) Devy(5)] Total 51vp.

Kush - Clit Commanders
Team VP: 116.

Surprisingly with last pick in the draft Kush was able to get Finite and Eel as his first 2 picks. He then went on to get Boogyman, WilsonC and pants to round out his top 5.

Top Lineup imo: MFR- Pants(6) [Finite(8) Boogyman(7) Lightspeed(3)] NME- Rek(5) [Eel(8), Nosydawg(7), Attack Mode/WilsonC(7)] Total 51vp.

Greenspace - 1st Line
Team VP: 109.

Greenspace with the third pick in the draft and i think to everyone's surprise took Kalu in the first round. He then went on the draft Poem ZX, Pocho, Unlimited and Taunt.

Top Lineup imo: (you tell me cause im on this team and id be bias lol)

Would be interested in what you think teams top line ups are.
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