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Have you figured out average vp per team yet?
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By dreownsu
wish you listed vps in order
Would be interesting to see what ratings each of us got
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By dreownsu
why would you use a 8vp anchor
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By poemZX_
PAT wrote:Would be interesting to see what ratings each of us got
I saw them, and believe me 3-4 out of the 9 raters were out to lunch or just trolling
By Optimal
dreownsu wrote:why would you use a 8vp anchor

hes the only one worth his vp and only as anchor. you using him as one or not is personal choice. and why wouldnt u use him at his position nyway? hes top 3 qnchor in this league, if u gonna put him in why not his best position so that he can be most usefull. with this many newbs you gonna need stability on both fronts. anchors are more important now with these weak sign ups
long long title how many chars? lets see 123 ok more? yes 60

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