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Who will win?

By raymster
poemZX_ wrote:
raymster wrote:
baia. wrote: moggy + spike + trance + king anchoring on attack.
moggy = overrated
spike = only can lag, every1 can do that.
trance = rust
king = ....
rofl what?!!? rooooooooofl. sry ray....i love you but that the stupidest shit ive read on here in a while
Ok i admit it was stupid but hey atleast you can talk trash about it :P
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By Ioth
Zeker wrote:i spoke to ioth and we're thinking about throwing the first game

i'll keep u guys updated
I hear blood's gonna throw both games by starting king and bacon.
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By Johnson
Zeker, you didn't deserve to win most over rated 2008 for 2 reasons:

1) No other people over rate you cause everyone thinks you suck.
2) The only person who thinks that you are over rated is yourself, as you think you rock and you think everyone else see's you as a god, whihc we don't

The only title you deserved is biggest ego. Blood WILL (you can hold me to account on this one) absolutely CRUSH you.
I'm not in my own mind right now so I'm not sure if it will make any sense when I read it back tomorrow morning after my long day out. But all in all, zeker u suck
king u also suck but not as much as zeker.
Ioth owns, however.
By king
T Kryp> so king
T Kryp> i think u need to un-stack your roster a bit
T King> what
T Kryp> just put everyone's name in a hat
T King> your roster is equally stacked
T Kryp> and pick like 10 to pick
T Kryp> err kick
T King> lol
T Kryp> well then why have we lost 3 times in a row
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By baia.
BOGmeduser wrote:
Zeker wrote:rofl king still saying his squad isn't stacked

half your starting line are concidered "the best" at what they do
yes everyone on blood is better than you
lol if that's wat makes a squad stacked

smooth ops is stacked.
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By Ioth
wtf i though he meant blood > exalt > blood

blood is better then exalt which is better then blood
Ioth wrote:wtf i though he meant blood > exalt > blood

blood is better then exalt which is better then blood
ioth i dont think you should be starting for exalt with that iq :P
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