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Who will win?

By MiTeY
I didn't care too much who won, but after the game being in spec and seeing how Exalt's leaders acted about the game, I was happy Blood won. Meh, it did last 16 hours, but still... no excuses.
By bixweet
bixweet wrote:
Zeker wrote:rofl i still can't believed i played from 7pm til 7am

i was doin that for all the egfl season i was active

as well as egdl
actually, useless post... u meant playing. not just playing.
By Toretto
Zeker wrote:lol what the hell?

i meant actually being in game pew pew'ing

(with the exception of in-between games "breaks" and two 5 minute breaks i took during games)
As I have said in previous posts, my hats off to all participants. Alot of stamina and drive. Great finals
By Johnson
kace wrote:yes it was key and I in ES chat rooting for Exalt, all of ES was like "WTF WHY, DONT ROOT FOR EXALT".
I believe I said that I would like exalt to win again, HOWEVER, I want Blood to win solely to see how bad Zeker reacts and crys.
It's been a bit of a let down so far. Zeker, what happened to you since your EGDL LOSS were you almost hung yourself?
By king
posted before the finals...
King wrote:the irony will be that ioth is going to choke home.
Ioth wrote:lagging out doesnt count as a choke

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