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By Otaku
How The Betting Works:

a. I'll use Mobb Vs. Donar as an example. If i give the odds: (1.50) Mobb. It means that if you bet on 70 egc on Mobb
winning, and Mobb wins, you will win 105 egc. (assuming you estimated the time correctly) If you lose however, you will
lose 70 egc. It's all simple maths. Just calculate the proportions. If you can't then you shouldn't be betting.

b. Players have to provide an estimate of how long they feel the match will last. Players who get the winning team
right AND the timing right within a time span of 5 minutes will not have their earnings affected. If they get the time
length right but the winning team wrong, they will not win anything but will just lose the egc that they bet. If they get the
winning team right but the time length wrong. They will be penalised 10% egc from the egc that they used to bet for
every 5 minutes off the actual game timing.
So if they get the timing wrong by 50 minutes, but get the winning team correct, they will have all the egc that they used
to bet on the match deducted. They will however still gain the egc that they won because of their bet.
Example: I bet 20 egc on a match. I win. Since odds were (2.50). I win 50 egc. If i get timing off by 20 mins, i lose 40%
of the egc i used to bet, which means i win 50 egc but lose 8 egc. So in the end i still manage to win 42 egc.

c. I will also give odds on the likelihood of the games ending in a tie/exceeding 2 hours. As long as it exceeds 2 hours, it
will be considered a "tie" in this betting game, be it playoffs, regular season or preseason. Example, if you had bet on
Mobb winning the game Vs. Donar, and they do. BUT only after 2 hours, you wouldn't win the bet. Instead, the player who
had bet on a tie would win his bet.

d. For playoffs, I will add in the options and odds for Teams winning after 2 hours, so do not fret. For now just settle for
the "tie" function.

e. If you want to lay your bets, just reply to the particular predictions thread for the match you want to bet on.


a. All bets laid are non retractable. I have already made it such that you will not be able to delete or edit your own post. so
think twice before you lay your bet!

b. If you want to change your bets, leave me a message in game. you can only do so before the game starts

c. If you lose a bet, expect to see your egc reduced without any prior warning or ?message in game by me.

d. If you win a bet, expect to see your egc increased without any prior warning or ?message in game by me.

e. No one is allowed to lay bets exceeding the amount of egc you have in !va. Offenders will have their bets voided whether
they win that weekend's bet or lose it.

f. Each player can only lay a bet on a match once. Meaning, you cannot lay 2 bets for the same EGFL match.

g. You are only allowed to lay bets using your in game name forum username. If your forum username isn't the same as your
in game name. Please mention your in game name. Do not masquerade as someone else or i will just ban your forum
username from posting in this forum.

h. Read up on everything, the rules and how to of this betting game before laying your bets. If you lay a bet without reading
up first and something screws up. Don't expect to be entertained. Just prepare to have your egc deducted.

i. you will be allowed to lay bets all the way till the minute before match starts.
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