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By Lee
A short overview of what could happen to squads during last week.

FBI Girlz - 12 points
FBI Girlz have had a pretty nice tournament so far with only 2 base losses coming against Dunkin'. They have been one of the most active squads during week as well and scored 2 extra points from those. Still, as Dunkin is playing Ball last round of main season, it is pretty highly likely, that they will score 3 points from that game. So not counting weekday potential point, FBI Girlz still need to beat Leebido, if they want to win the main season and preferably with 3-0, otherwise Dunkin can still catch them if they also get the weekday point. Losing to Leebido at any score will most probably make them end up 2nd in main season.

Dunkin' yonuts 10 points
Dunkin has not been perhaps as stable as FBI Girlz, as they have lost bases to multiple opponents, then again, they are still to lose a game during Sundays, making them still nr.1 favorite in playoffs as well, where beating someone in 3rd base is not relevant anymore. Dunkin also has the easiest opponent left in Ball. Then again Dunkin is known to use majority of their roster who shows for games, so perhaps this could be a chance for Ball to finally score a point. Dunkin just like FBI Girlz cannot drop below 2nd spot, it will be only question if they are the winners of main season or can FBI Girls also take Leebido out

Damn Good Coffee 7 points
DGC has really suffered from inconsistent showups and top players struggling with lag at crucial moments. Potentially one of the most dangerous teams is now in danger of actually dropping out. If they lose their game vs 6vps next weekend and Leebido scores at least 2 points vs FBI Girls, they will drop to 5th. DGC still has pretty big advantage in this league. They have head-to-head tiebreaker vs Leebido and their fate is in their own hands in game vs 6vps. Getting at least a point from 6vps is enough though for their survival unless 6vps manages to get the weekday point. IN that case all depends on Leebido game.

Leebido 6 points
Leebido is perhaps the only squad in this league that has yet to witness its best lineup actually show up for a Sunday game (perhaps also DGC). Struggling with stronger opponents they still managed to win against 6vps, but they are far from being safe in this league. Good thing is that it is really up to the squad itself to prove they deserve the spot in playoffs. Task is very difficult with having to beat FBI Girls. In theory all they have to do is to make sure 6vps does not score 2 more points then Leebido during last week. On positive note, they can still end up season ranked as high as 3rd if they beat FBI and 6vps beat DGC.

6vps 5 points
Apart from a few anchors, 6vps is perhaps the most changed squad from draft. Almost entire starting roster now has different players in it from the beginning. They still havent really found their rhythm, but occasionally have shown really good gameplay as seen in their weekday games. Even though they lost to Leebido, they are still in the fight for playoff spots. All it takes is beating DGC. Losing 1-2 give is also theoretically enough, but only if they get that weekday point and Leebido loses straight 0-3.

Ball 0 points
Ball is now officially out and only have their pride and hope to score a point to play for.
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