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For the forum "Weekday Match Setup", is it possible to have 1 thread solely dedicated to setting up weekday games instead of creating a new topic one after another. The recent topics is not quite enjoyable to view with match spams.

Wonder if Rek can do something that will hide all threads coming into the Weekday Match Setup and not show on the "Recent Topics"?
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By Rek
Done! If they use the appropriate forum "Weekday Matches" it'll be suppressed from Recent Topics.
By Annihilation
i think thats overengineering it. The mod change
People would check eg forum more often if there was just a grand thread with weekday matches up.
Would encourage people to check forum and try and trashtalk. Nothing makes a game lively like trashtalk :twisted: which eg is surely missing
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By Rek
I'm not seeing much trashtalk in the individual game threads since they're just a more technical requirement for the league. I don't think we'll lose much here... but i'll check activity in the next day or so and see if there's been a big drop or not.
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