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Extreme Games Base Duel League 2015.

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By Lee
Hey all!

Here is a small review of the draft we had yesterday. I have placed teams in order of how big chance i can see them having in this league, excluding my own of course.

1) dunkin' yonuts - Bombed

As expected, Bombed, while being the only active top level player in the league for now was going to be one of the favorites also after draft. In a duo with Bacon, it is going to be a difficult team to stop for everyone and in small duels they may be unbeatable. But as this league also offers 5v5 options, it will be not as clear as it could. Overall Bombed went for active good baseduellers like pocho and azuline, with golfer and establishment probably going to do most of anchoring tasks. Their bench looks active and they are definitely going to be a team with lots of challenges during week with players like hydrange, aow, eren, jdom, sawyer and others in squad. With Bombed being in picking order also in the middle for FA draft, he is bound to get some good player in addition to his squad, making it even stronger.
In conclusion, its a very well balanced squad with anchoring options, active subs and some top quality players. Bombed did really well for his first draft.
Current top lineup Golfer/Bombed/Bacon/Azuline/Pocho

Rating 9/10

2) Damn Good Coffee - poem zx

Poem was the lucky person to get nr.1 draft pick and he went after Combo. Combo perhaps was the logical pick for first round, being able to do both anchoring and rushing job and being probably more reliable in showing compared to Bacon, another option.
Poem will most probably be a starter for his team alongside with black monk and cust, with either combo also joining them and Terminator 17.5 doing anchoring job, or Combo anchoring and Mat or Phildog taking playing roles.
Poems squad is overall quite well balanced, they have also doomsy there for anchoring picks and handicap and criminal-player are both quite active and can do well in weekly games. It is really a good team, perhaps i can see them being a bit weaker after FA draft, but it really depends on how many good FAs show up. As poem is last to pick, he will get 6th and 7th pick of FA draft, but perhaps there will be enough quality players, so that it will be not that big of an issue.
Definitely a contender for final
Current top lineup: Terminator 17.5/Combo/Poem ZX/Black Monk/Cust

Rating 8/10

3) FBI Girlz - Groan
Groan was handed a difficult task of running the draft and actually picking himself in it, which probably made him do a few mistakes here and there. His team does not look weak or that bad, but compared to the 2 teams already mentioned, there are a few more weaknesses around.
Renowned is one of the best baseduellers in league, if he will be as active as other top picks, time will tell, but if in game, his influence will be massive, finite is also great allaround player and can do both anchoring as well as rushing, while Optimal is a good passive type of player to handle overly eager blindrushers. WilsonC and Taunt are similar multitalents with both anchoring and rushing capabilities, while ZHONG is a legendary bder. Only question is if he can actually start showing for the important scheduled games.
There are not perhaps that many options on the bench, questions about activity of some players and also setting up a working lineup will be complicated with no clear anchors, but several people who can do it if needed. Would be surprised if they didnt make it to playoffs though, as they have enough quality.
Current top lineup: WilsonC/Renowned/Finite/Smoking Blue/ZHONGWEN

Rating 7/10

4) 6vp's - ritzand
Ritzand was definitely the most vocal person before and after draft and the joy in his eyes being part of a draft as a GM was clearly visible. His team could have looked better though, considering he managed to get 2nd pick of draft. Getting a good anchor is always a nice option for round 1, but getting 2 anchors in first 2 rounds is quite questionable tactics for baseduel draft. He did pick up some decent players in later rounds, but nomatter how i try, the top lineup just does seem weaker compared to other teams. I think Ritzand probably overthought his strategy and in the end fell victimized by his own passion towards this league.
Perhaps the squadname of 6vps really describes the squad very well, only problem is that BD league has really no restrictions in VPs, so fielding a team of midtier pilots is okey, but it will not bring home the trophy.
On a positive note, there are a lot of players on this squad, who can finally prove that they play above their overall reputation. Will be interesting to see how ritzand keeps this thing rolling, i can also see ritzand trying to be quite active with trades and taking most of this experience as draft league GM.
Current top lineup: boogyman/blood line/ritzand/anderson/darkknight25

Rating 6/10

5) Ball - Infamous
Big props for Infamous for actually accepting the offer on last minute to take part in draft as anderson missed it. This probably also played some part in his team picks, as he had really no time to prepare for anything. Big advantage for infamous is that he gets first pick in FA draft and there are some huge players already listed, so this team will definitely get alot stronger.
Infamous probably thinks about anchoring himself for his team, as he didnt really pick up any anchors from draft, his first choices in Rushmore, Ioth and later traded Unlimited were all good picks, Lacoste is a big questionmark with his activity and mouth, mattyoung brings the lag.
Similar to ritzands team, it is not awful, but they need some top players in order to really challenge for playoff spots.
Current top lineup: infamous/rushmore/ioth/lacoste/mattyoung

Rating 6/10

Now a few comments on my own draft. Usually i want to be in the middle with my picking order to get a nice balanced team. In this BD draft though and very few top players being around, my first wish was to be last in picking order, which is why i went for pretty low number, hoping to either get lucky and win it or then be last.
In actual draft I decided to get players i really click together really well, so most of my roster is pretty old-school, not that active, but i really know how to play with them. Delete is probably last top player active from my Trespass crew and maybe a surprise pick for first round for many, but i was sure someone is going to steal him, so i didnt want to risk it. Moment is team plow beast and konan and peejay are really the aggressive players of my liking. I am really glad i managed to trade also Unlimited to my team, another old squaddie alongside with Sin and lawsuit. My lower picks all consist of players who have been around, but who are perhaps inactive, so i dont expect our team to be that aggressive in getting games during week, but i hope we can really put up a fight in scheduled games.
As i get 2nd pick in FA draft as well, my team will definitely become stronger, already now i can see that i can get at least 1 from king/hoontar/ragequit/bog, every player making roster considerably more balanced.
My only regrets are missing out on azuline and renowned, but well you cannot get everyone.

Let the games begin.
By Optimal
some teams need activity. poem did a better draft then i expected but hav ing first pick helps.

Im puzzled to as why im on fbi girlz as i dont get along with most of them for some reason, but whatever, ill let it slide for now i guess. but tbh im not rly happy with it. i signed up last minute to crush some of these players but in the back of my head and knowing myself i knew this was gonna happen.
Always impressed with Lee's analysis! :mrgreen:

I love underdogs! Waiting for an underdog to beat the top tier teams! Hopefully this will be the year!
By Unlimited
Great review Lee. Going to be a fun league
By poemZX_
Optimal wrote: poem did a better draft then i expected
So what did you expect? Elaborate.
By Shatan
Whenever I read Lee's Draft Reviews, it makes me wanna play SS again. Gonna sign up for FA.

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