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Extreme Games Base Duel League 2015.

Moderator: stewie

By Ritzand
Who do you all think will come out with the best picks and have the upper-hand draft day!? all opinions welcomed!
goodluck this egbdl 2015
By Optimal
lol its bd mayne. bombed only gm that can play top level. he basically just needs 1 player that is able to carry with him and he got it pretty much on lock. offcourse you can mold a team that works great togheter and outplays bombed team weaknesses if he will have any.

Lee always good leader and could play top level perhaps again, plus he lags more then back in the day. im sure he will come with some good draft ideas and picks.

rest of the players are mid tiers and mid tiers can be pretty biased, i expect some stupid picks and probaly alot of struggle in games.
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By Lee
Bombed obviously has advantage over others by being the best player among GMs, ritzand and groan have history of getting into conflicts with other players, so their draft picks need to be really clever or else they may have issues controlling their squad.
Poem and anderson are both very solid baseduellers and will probably get pretty good teams.
As for myself, i usually do better in flagging league drafts, baseduel is much more straightforward and eliminates all the tricky vp calculations and position fitting, so experience plays less part here. I may also be screwed as i dont really know the recent activity levels of players and their gaming abilities in 2015. In any case, i hope for fun league.
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