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By Golfer.
- doesn't want to play/can't show up/hasn't talked to me since i drafted her/hasn't shown up to a single game
finite> ?squad mercede$
Squad: Situation C
finite> ?find mercede$
Not online, last seen 30 hours ago
By Golfer.
she just doesn't like the squad i think
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Drop Mercede$, she doesn't even have internet at her home. She said she cant show to games when i approached her before i offered a trade to GOLFER.
By lv
Left her two messages on Snap, she never replied... I can't drop her unless she tells me herself that she doesn't have internet or can't play. She did see/read my messages and no reason why she couldn't reply on snapchat, it's a phone app.

You guys, when a player tells you they can't play, first thing you should do is tell them to ?message me or PM me, I keep logs... if I'm afk you can tell me to search my logs.

Denied until "more than 10 days" :-/
By Golfer.
It seems like she's logging in once every 6 days - how useless
By lv
yeah.. all she needed to do was ?message me to drop her. :-/
By Lacoste
i agree here, should be waiting, she never showed, she aint active, she told golfer, now let us get our last player
By lv
Lady Vader> ?find mercede$
Not online, last seen 10 days ago


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