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By Raz
Has shown for 2 minutes all season despite him saying he 'has played 2 games'

Does not respond to messages.

Sent PM requesting trade but why would anyone want someone who doesn't bother turning up?
By lv
Lady Vader> I'm wondering, are you going to play in league?
P Svaboda> i have played a game and a half
P Lady Vader> Ok
P Svaboda> the full game i played was the first one Reaper won...
P Svaboda> i'm upster timeless drafted me :\
P Svaboda> upset*
P Lady Vader> lol why?
P Svaboda> his pick choice is horrible, and to mix me with it... just upset about it
P Lady Vader> k
P Lady Vader> You can ask him to trade you
P Svaboda> you're awesome, i will

He states that he played in a game you guys won... I hate to think anyone would outright lie, but you guys have won no games... not even preseason. So he's either lying or thinks a pu was a league game... I don't know.

Based on all this, and the fact that he clearly doesn't want to play for you, I am going to approved the drop.

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