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Moderator: lv

By lv
Tucked/Dirge/MrMacky - 5vp

Opens Monday the 17th at 12:PM Eastern

5vp - Reaper
Tucked = facewound
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By Omega Red
Thank you pat, if only their aliases were listed beforehand we wouldnt have people sneaking into egdl with low vps creating an unfair advantage to gms who know every alias
I try to post them as I find them out. I still don't know black monk's
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By Omega Red
then who is Tucked? what the fuck who are these people
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By Omega Red
Tucked just created this name on forum

Level 1

Posts: 2
Joined: Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:41 pm

guy is obviously aliased, LV please dont let these aliaser faggots ruin this league.
Tucked said he was MrMacky and camshaft's brother. Camshaft's brother = facewound.
By lv
PAT wrote:Tucked said he was MrMacky and camshaft's brother. Camshaft's brother = facewound.

I can confirm he is MrMacky but not Facewound, they have completely different info. And my info on all of them is recent.
Well since he is aliased, why is he allowed to be picked up in free agent?
By Tucked
Why does it matter what your name is in game? Clearly everyone knows im not facewound and I told you my known name so shouldn't be a problem im not some 9vp guy trying to get in for low vp
What's your known name? MrMacky isn't a known name rofl.
Created: Sep. 28, 2014 0:59 [SSC biller time]
Usage: 29h 24m
Resolution: 1920x1080
Location: United States [GMT-4]
You're lying.
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By Omega Red
take this guy out of EGDL FA? what more proof do you need?
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By Omega Red
aliasers arent allowed in EGDL unless their alias is known. this guy's alias that he gave is NOT a real name.

this guy should not be allowed to be bid on/play. this league isnt starving for players anymore and this should not be a reason to be lenient with the rules
Then what's your alias?
By lv
Tucked = Dirge

player search for: dirge
Squad: So Brave Dirge
Created: Dec. 19, 2010 17:51 [SSC biller time]
Last Seen: Nov. 14, 2013 15:49 [CDT/CST]
Usage: 687h 02m
Resolution: 1920x1080
Location: United States [GMT-5]
He was aliased in 2010 too, just nobody cared to figure out who he was since he sucked.

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