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Extreme Games Draft League 2014.
Congrats to Snake on their victory!
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By Lee
i was compiling some history of EG like a year ago and got into contact with Eura who hosted all original EGDLS. HE put all that he had to that website, so that is more or less it.
We had 1 egdl using some other website and 1 using some other forum i think, which are gone for good.
By Optimal
yeh some links on google direct you to but it says topic doesnt exist or something similar cant recall right now. pretty sad, the forum we used was pretty fun, real drama TOPICS, best 5 topics was rly interesting to enter egdl at those times, this forum is kinda lame and no1 uses it anymore, but maybe that happened to old forum also, people became less vocal
rip EG

One card reading please.

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