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Extreme Games Draft League 2014.
Congrats to Snake on their victory!
By lv
I will do some calculations and determine if I need to give out more roster vp.
LV don't give in. They could've saved their vp for this moment like I did -.-
Also, ?find renowned
?find hyu
?find glyde
players can still be dropped to free vp's for teams.
Pat you going to be mad when I show to every game and win EGDL again, and you had 16 VP and didnt bid on me?
Someone bid 7 on you already, I'm not out of my mind and going to bid 8 rofl.
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The official Grid doubter. Cust > ANY SWING from die* egfl losing roster. :lol:
Splatter is on Despise not Reaper
Lol or I'm not fucking stupid like your squad.
By boogyman
I refuse to play if splatter is on freq. Just FYI. He's fucking retarded. Plain and Simple

Bench him, trade him or trade me if you plan on using him.
By Lacoste
Provo Despise and Flock you (138vp) have avg 8vp more then all the 3 other squads standing around 129 131 and such

0,0 any1else saw that ..1 top player each more then the 3 others 0,0 i say if there are 3 last players to be added to league , share btw those 3 (situa c,snake,reaper)

rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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