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Extreme Games Draft League 2014.
Congrats to Snake on their victory!
By Lacoste
1:WilsonC> was too lazy to read that part
1:DizEase> i should join a squad for fun

1:WilsonC> yes
1:WilsonC> do itt
1:Lacoste> good 16 people out of 41 are on this chat

1:DizEase> but dont know which 1 to join

1:Lacoste> to witness the brightness of our egdl leaders
1:WilsonC> should get you guys on squads for matches this sunday
Airduster> .#newbstaff

1:Lacoste> yes
1:Lacoste> lets contact laddy vader every1 (15 ppl)
1:Lacoste> all lady vader:hi
1:WilsonC> rofl she wont care
1:WilsonC> just talk to the gms

ya...Diz wants in EGDL
The Future of EG

Hey Guys, Per that other thread, I said that th[…]

TWDT Season 18

I'll sign up if you cap


Why not just host a ete/duel league!

Ways to attract Vets back???

Need them more then ever now!!

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