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Moderator: lv

Week 6 addition

Yes, add week 6.
No, keep as it is.
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Good morning everyone.

With all of this close action and seems to be everyone is finally getting interested in the league, i'm thinking we add Week 6.

Here is why. Monster has some potential and they we're cheated out over a ref's mistake. How about we make them earn that extra win in week 6.

Week 6
Ball Vs Swarro 2 PM
Monster Vs Grid 3 PM
Shocktech Vs Structure 4 PM

Here is why;

Ball vs Swaro was really close and started getting good towards the end, same level of play. Evenly matched teams that should get another shot for revenge. Ball losing to swaro - Final Score
Swarovski 2 Points
Ball 1 Point

Let's face it we wont see Swaro vs Ball ever again, and to go out like that for any ball pilot must suck.

Rematch, let them fight it out. if Swaro wins again i dont know how ball members will take it. Ball has a chance to show everyone they are a squad.

Monster Vs Grid are the #1 squad and the "#2" squad in this league. Adding week 6 will only give monster a chance to recover from the mistake our refs made earlier in the season and actually make the playoffs. If they show they are a good team that should get this second chance. Monster vs Grid, in monty's own words from last game.
Monty Python wrote:emberassin rape up... gg grid lol
Now is your chance to get yourself a rematch from the previous loss and recover.

BOMBED/Hoontar/Kuppaaja Vs Trance/autopilot/ursa

Let em' play.

Shocktech Vs Structure would be huge for Structure only because shocktech won on a no-show. So would only be right and honorable if the shocktech pilots agreed to a week 6. That pretty much sums it up. Shocktech Vs Structure. Who do you think is the better squad? Shocktech has been playing really good, it sucks we no-showed earlier in the season thats it. Rematch?

i think if we actually think this would be a great idea, why the rush? it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Please vote/post
By Unlimited
Hell yes, totally agree with this idea. All the squads are really starting to get into it now including us again, everyone knows we were fluked vs ball that one match.. to give us the loss/forfeit of all 3 points really screwed us. Adding one more week will only ensure that the two very best squads will go to finals.
By Hydrange
No. Shouldn't have to make this any longer just because you guys don't show/follow rules.
By lv
Well.. if only one leader responds and the answer is no...

I will cut this topic off at the beginning of games tomorrow and go with what the majority of leaders want.

So far no it is... Tie will lean to No since there are six squads and status quo is always the way to go.
A third week is pointless anyways, the best squad out of structure and monster will go to playoffs now and then the finals. Whoever can win todays match deserves to be there and the other doesn't. nuff said.
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