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By lv
Preseason - June 29th
1:pm Eastern - Structure vs. Grid
2:pm Eastern - Shocktech vs. Swarovski
3:pm Eastern - Ball vs. Monster

Week 1 - July 6th
1:pm Eastern - Ball vs. Monster
2:pm Eastern - Shocktech vs. Structure
3:pm Eastern - Grid vs. Swarovski

Week 2 - July 20th
2:pm Eastern - Swarovski vs. Structure
3:pm Eastern - Ball vs. Shocktech
4:pm Eastern - Monster vs. Grid

Week 3 - July 27th
2:pm Eastern - Shocktech vs. Grid
3:pm Eastern - Swarovski vs. Monster
4:pm Eastern - Ball vs. Structure

Week 4 - August 3rd
2:pm Eastern - Ball vs. Swarovski
3:pm Eastern - Grid vs. Structure
4:pm Eastern - Monster vs. Shocktech

Week 5 - August 10rd
2:pm Eastern - Ball vs. Grid
3:pm Eastern - Monster vs. Structure
4:pm Eastern - Shocktech vs. Swarovski

Semi-finals - August 17th
4:pm Eastern - Grid vs. Structure
3:pm Eastern - Swarovski vs. Shocktech

Finals - August 24th
3:pm Eastern - Shocktech vs. Structure
By lv
Yes, they are, they still compete against each other... just like Xclearibur and Xcleariburrito
By Cust
Just an aside that doesn't really matter, xclearibur was blood-like and xcleariburrito was grid
By Glyde1
he is not running both squads right? never heard of anyone being able to run 2 squads in the same league
By Lacoste
lv wrote:Yes, they are, they still compete against each other... just like Xclearibur and Xcleariburrito
lol sometimes lv..its u know wut going on in this game..ofc burrito was a <jk> of xlcearibur..a failed joke..but still had no freaking thing to do with each others

Glyde1 wrote:he is not running both squads right? never heard of anyone being able to run 2 squads in the same league
i hope u didnt mean that as in <NO WAY MAN I DONT WANNA SEE NO GUY RUNNING 2 SQUADS!!!!! ILLEGAL !!!!>

cause the way EG is right now, if eel is able to make 2 rosters up..i can only congratulate him and thank him for putting a 6th squad out there, i myself am detaching from the zone and the game slowly for many reasons..1st one being 2busy irl and dont have time to lead a squad..especially with tons of inactives guys..or guys who just cant get better/ tons of props to Eel (not for grid..that ez to run..a bunch of vets..but for putting structure as a squad in league..hopefully he trains lots of people there :)

i remember running Bombullet v.1 and RECRUIT ME!? at sametime when i was very active back in 07 08 or w.e...and definitly i would have entered both squads in the league if i could have, and if some1 said UH OH NO WAY U CANT LEAD 2 SQUADS IN..i woulda been like..Wtf..then lead it urself or the squad is dead...u want more squads in a zone..not less :)
By Glyde1
Lacoste wrote:i hope u didn't mean that as in <NO WAY MAN I DON'T WANNA SEE NO GUY RUNNING 2 SQUADS!!!!! ILLEGAL !!!!>
yes that's what i meant. pick someone else to lead it. never has anyone ran 2 squads even when tp/trespasser were in same league they had different sets of owner and captains on paper. also they were not in the same division during that league because we had it split into 2 tiers that year. it is definitely an unfair advantage in many ways to be running 2 squads during a league when both your squads take up 2/6 or 1/3 of the squads entered.
By gunb
will structure have enough?
Last edited by gunb on June 20th, 2014, 5:00 pm, edited 2 times in total.
By S e a
there is no problem eel runs 2 squads, only matter is he cannot play for 2 squads.
By Airduster
eel just happy he can openly double squad now a days.
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you guys are so lame rofl.

Instead of thanking me for bringing the 6th squad to this league you guys come up with the gayest excuses, come on.

Glyde you have no chance of winning this league. Ball fall back newbies.

Newb league

newb coordinator

newb squads

win something before you talk glyde fucking faggot

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