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Should we add BD and EGL into this league?

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Let's get EG active by adding a mix into this league.

Imagine logging in trying to find a baseduel or something to just hop in and play. Let's log on to see if our squads have enough online to challenge other squads in EG.


We would need the refs to have access to bot's for mid-week matches.

Let's say
two rounds of XC
two rounds of BD
one round of EGL

Best out of 5

Game 1 would be XC
Game 2 would be XC
Game 3 would be BD
Game 4 would be BD
Game 5 would be EGL

just a crazy idea after waching nba finals ahahah

no but seriously give it some thought, i like this new XC but lets not just do that on a Sunday lets get it going with the other things we do. It's fun i do admit.

Vote :p
By Optimal
only if you dont have to play egxc. like that bd/ete league few years ago, where you could choose what you wanted to play or focus on. had draft and everything. we can do bdl with 2 teams for each squad, so we could have mad games, and during the week squads can combine their players for acitivty issues.
imo just call this EG olympics and on sundays add an egfl match. and have the other 3 events during the week. It's major practice for squads for the EGFL match at the end of the week and we could even have like EGFL champ, EGL champ, EGBDL champ, EGXC champ, and then an overall champion of EG olympics. It would make everyone more active in other aspects of the zone. Maybe even have on highly populated hours you could host races and the best time from someone on a squad will win a point in racing or something.
By Glyde1
i voted no. either have a flagging OR baseduel league. having the bd league we could probably have a few more squads seeing how bd only need 4 or 5 players to have a game. set the squad roster to have a 15-25 player max obviously there is problems with activity so don't waste ur spots on half ass players who may or may-not show. having the flagging league is always going to be more fun for the gameplay aspect to me. having the xc league i don't know what that shit is i havnt seen it played or heard of it even being hosted. that is just whack to have the next league based on an event only a handful of the population has even seen the map and able to count on ur hands and feet how many actually have played. so how do know if people are going to want to play a month or so long league based on it? is there a bot already made or has to be made for the xc league? anyway whatever you end up choosing ill be playing.
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By GhostBusters
I like the idea but if we add a baseduel league no fucking bounty in baseduel. That shit is gay as fuck make it regular baseduel. If you want to bounty only make anchors have bounty.
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