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Who is Taking Home the Trophy?

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Server Still Down! Server Wins!
By lv

Monty Python/Leader - 7

Unlimited/Captain - 6
Ominous/Captain - 7

Terminator 17.5 - 7
Baptism - 5
Cotton - 6
Dollmaker~ - 6
Ghostbusters - 5
GoatLeeker - 4
Hydrange - 5
Office - 5
Sin - 7
Smiling - 7
Smoking Baby - 5
Suicide - 6
Turtle420 - 5
Trance - 8
Ycw - 6
YM - 7
Cust - 7
Jagral - 3
cck - 4
Izac. - 5
Punishment - 4
Key - 7


Lee/Leader - 8

Taught/Captain - 8

World - 5
TJ Hazuki - 4
TheCript - 7
Rico - 6
Nicedreams - 6
Melodize - 3
Legislate - 5
Gunbarrel - 5
Flion - 2
Field - 3
Cyp - 6
Blood Line - 8
Barbar - 5
Attack Mode - 5
Art Of War - 6
Andreo - 4
Aelderon - 6
Trannysaurus Rex - 7
Disturbulance - 5
Konii - 6
Zizzo - 3
Bombay Sapphire - 3
MCI - 7
Fat Mouse - 6
H4B - 9
Leegendarey has given Elitestar the hardest fights so far with one loss in preseason and one tie two weeks ago. Last time we had no good showup at start and also lots of lagouts (mfr for example) that made us play very defensive. Of course this is now over, finals will show for last time if Elitestar is capable of beating Leegendary in a fair fight. And yes, of course we will take this trophy home!

EGDL 2014 Winner - Elitestar in 2h 18mins
Great matchup between the two teams, EliteStar and Leegendary.

Monty Python and Lee are both excellent GMs and have predicted they would make it to the 2014 EGDL finals.

This will be a treat for everyone to watch this game on Sunday @ 3PM EDT

Like a Superbowl, but better as the intensity starts when the timer hits 0!


ps.. i predict a 4 hours game
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By Lee
Both teams have had ups and downs in the league, but as life has shown, previous games do not really matter in playoffs. Both teams that lost to their opponents in main season, beat them in semis, so its really hard to see how it will go down.
So although previous ES/Leegendary games have been very onesided, i do not expect this game to be one, in finals anything can happen and dumb mistakes like we did in semis can be very costly.
When i look at teams and their lineups, they seem pretty equal, it will be interesting to see how Monty balances his freq, i can obviously see trance attacking and there are a few fixed anchor positions, cust will probably defend alongside with Monty if he chooses to play himself.
One thing i do consider my team to be better in is actually subs and variability in composing effective freqs. Apart from very few fixed positions like taught as swing, i have successfully tested many variations of my players and they all seem to work, some a bit better some worse, but if i do get as good showup as always, i can see that as time passes, we will slowly start getting advantage.
I predict Leegendary win around 2-3 hours, of course if there are early chokes, things can turn out differently.
Well I guess I should predict a time here.


If Terminator MFR's - I have no idea whats gonna happen
By Trance
Lawbuh wrote:I predict terminator will be anchoring and pm'ing ppl instead of staying alive and cost elitestar base or nme attack which leads to leegendary taking base.

leegendary 25mins
rofl both you and poem dissing term 17.5! I dont know why really, first of all term is a great rusher, good mfr as well. When smiling havent showed 17.5 have done a good joob.

Im looking forward to this game, will probably be very even. Im glad we are facing team lee in the finals since we pretty much got ouplayed last time by them. PLaying for tie sucked, but now we are going to play with full force im sure of that. Leegendary got a great team, lots of underrated players, good leader and taught doing some work as s1. However our attack last game was really good (ask poem ^^) so im sure we will put huge pressure on their base, cust was beasting last game as swing aswell.

I have never bet agianst my team, wont do that this time either, ES in 2 hour 15 min
Trance wrote:However our attack last game was really good (ask poem ^^)

I have never bet agianst my team, wont do that this time either, ES in 2 hour 15 min
It was good last game, unli is really underrated. But at the same time, we were 4v3 / 5v3 alot of the time. But I have no doubt about trances ability to confuse the shit out of the opposing swings. Bring it home trancer
By lv
Monty Python wrote:
Whale wrote:The Server will still be down by game time and thus - the Server wins. Where was this option in the poll?
How u know it will be down still?
Dunno if it will still be down, if it is, we just delay the game a week, no big deal. YES it IS in the RULES! lol

I am a little slap happy so I added a option to the poll. lol
Rumor goes ES has a priv arena in OmegaFire and they practice all day...
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