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about the match:

we had not our best showup by the time match begun. smiling not showing today got us into a bit trouble finding a proper mfr for him. terminator 17..5 then stepped up and did quite a good job in overall. we didnt start with our best lineup, trance showing a bit late and i wanted to try out baptism as a low vp anchor. so we had bap, unlim,ym and suicide attacking at start, while me and cost held home with cck.

everything started out quite normal: we got bot left, they top right, both teams got one ball. both teams droped, then started attacking. nothing special happened then for the first 30-40 mins then, LVB's push us to about 60%+ a few times at home, while we also managed to get deeper into their base. we cleared their attack then, but got flanked and cleared at nme few mins later, reseting game first time.termi played fine and cust and me had no issues handling LVB's attack. jammu owned as anchor, but bombed was only a threat when sharking every now and then. but our spec did a nice job, so i knew it right away countering almost all his approaches with my precious lanc! but when they got to 80% next time, we left nme to clear home by flank, after we lost ball to their attack at one point aswell. so far: nothing special, no big stand outs or chokes. after we cleared, we held LVB's attack even better even sending cust to nme more and more, while our attack (now with doll anchoring, trance, unlim, smoking baby after we subbed) did alot better of course and eventually even took when LVB's anchor (Dre?) accidently warped out as mfr i think (correct me if wrong, but there was some kind of flaw i heard). we cleared home shortly after that too. but cotton got antied at top right, so we full defended there at 99%, holding for about 1min+ or so when LVB's pushed in fr and cotton lagging out while trying to boost thru them. 13 flags were neuted then in center and game yet another time reset after around 1h mark i guess. LVB's started attacking again then and bombed killed termi when we just mobbed at nme and were undermanned at home. so LVB's has all flags, but we are at 75% at nme already and take their fr with no problems, but with alot of mess. anyways, both teams got flags. game went on a while and ended when we took their base again, while our home was stable at 75% and holding their last attack there pretty much.
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