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That's bullshit he was not there. We needed a low vp to get in at one point and nobody was there. Heaven refused to get in cuz he was specced earlier on and poplin wasn't even in the arena. To my knowledge he was afk in elite duel cuz he wouldn't talk on chat or answer in pm's. He obviously aliases a lot because he was aliased when he finally messaged you. Are you sure that's not mrwhippy? Cuz he was dropped too I think
By lv
lol That is not Whippy. I ?messaged him on MIghtypoppy because I knew he had started using that name. You see, I talk to him almost every day. So who am I supposed to believe, you or him... You wouldn't lie to me, right?... lol

I'll watch and see what happens this weekend.
Lol why would I lie to you about an active 3vp player that I NEED? Doesn't matter anyways cause you would LIE to me. cuz you DID. about MCI. k afk
By lv
Didn't lie, made a stupid mistake of saying something before I investigated it properly. Yes, I was wrong, but I did not lie.
I asked you after you investigated. Answer was same as the first one.
By lv
I am sick and I am tired, and I am sick and tired of your drama... subject is closed until I observe.
By lv
Talked Poplin last night, he says he does not want to play egdl. I'll release him Monday before FAM opens.

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