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idk why youre locking my threads when you give me a stupid answer.

my chat right now: M_M God,finite,Sawyer
finite> ?find pop
PoplinTheBomber - eliteduel

finite> are u not gonna join my egdl squad or what

he didn't respond but hes playing in eliteduel.
By lv
Lady Vader> you there?
PoplinTheBomber> yes

Lady Vader> did you join your EGDL squad chat?
PoplinTheBomber> yes

Lady Vader> K
PoplinTheBomber> sec ive left it

PoplinTheBomber> yea im in

Lady Vader> k, talk to me when you're done

PoplinTheBomber> yea

PoplinTheBomber> all done
Lady Vader> K, why did you leave?
PoplinTheBomber> leave what?
Lady Vader> thought I showed you how to set up multiple chats?
Lady Vader> chat, you said you left it

PoplinTheBomber> accident

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