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By amph
Ioth(7) - comes on once a week but doesn't show to games and isn't squad joined or on chat when he does log in that time. dead weight taking up space.
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Just because they havent squadjoined and haven't been seen don't mean anything, they aren't 10+ days and you can't prove they aren't on the chat and you can't prove they wanted to be dropped. I talked to Ioth when he logged on and he said he would show to as many matches as possible but he isn't a guarantee. Stop trying to cheat your drops.
By Tox
I'm here and I'll play. Didn't know about this Sunday game, EG site was gone :P
By lv
Tox wrote:I'm here and I'll play. Didn't know about this Sunday game, EG site was gone :P
Tox release denied! lol
By lv
P (Ioth)>anyways, im playing egdl
P :Ioth:Cool!
P :Ioth:ok
P (Ioth)>i was supposed to let u know
P (Ioth)>or smthing
P :Ioth:let your squadleader know
P (Ioth)>i am messaging him as we speak!

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