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Why was f16 dropped when he plays on an alias and its a known alias. But yet lv wouldnt let me drop dilated when he was active on facewound and not dilated....
By Glyde1
GLYDE> ?find texture
Not online, last seen 13 hours ago
By lv
[1:02:01 PM] Lady Vader: Let me ask you this, did you tell Resi you are quitting ss?
[1:02:28 PM] f16: Yes i did
Same. And did you ask him this 2 weeks ago lv? why wasnt he removed before then? he clearly hasnt quit ss since he is in the game.
By Unlimited
NOTE: don't believe them when they say f16 has been on lately, multiple people have the password to his names.
By Glyde1
he also has said he was going to quit ss plenty of time only to be playing the next day
By Resi
bottom line is, he hasnt showed to any matches, nor logged on throughout the main season, i messaged him on facebook telling him to start showing, and he lashes out at me saying im wasting my life on this game, and that he has quit, so i said, should i just drop you then? and he replied, sure, do whatever the fuck you want, ive quit the game.
By lv
Azela wrote:Frankly, I don't trust LV. I've caught her lying on a number of occasions lately. I'd have to hear it directly from F16 to believe it.
LOL Now who's lying.

You're such a drama queen
By Resi
Azela is a stupid english cunt anyway, has about the same skill in this game as his cat (lol) .. and the same intelligence, people need to realise that he talks up a big game, but in reality, his opinion is totally irrelevant as he is just some jakey, ugly little loner from the middle of nowhere.

Once a troll always a troll

Scopene - levi safe lamer from rs
By Resi
someones mad cause they are a shitty leader, stop making excuses and crying about absolutely everything you fucking blouse
By lv
Azela wrote:Don't embarrass yourself twiglet.

LV, I can provide proof of your lying, if you want? Like I said, I wouldn't take your word for anything right now.

Put up or shut up... You have a log that 5150 sent you that is of me telling him that EGDL is designed for all players to play. So put up your logs ... and make sure you don't alter them. lol
By Airduster
By lv

I never denied telling 5150 that the point of EGDL was to get EVERYONE To play. ROFL Azela, do better. And yeah, I didn't like the over vp bidding.. But Lee pointed out to me that it is part of the process and has been for years. So I went with it. OH YEAH You would know this if you weren't such a drama queen and left chat. You will say you left chat because of all the arguing going on. Well, since you left chat, it's been very peaceful until AR starts up. rofl Azela, you are the biggest drama queen... not the best, but the biggest. <handstissue> :cry:
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By Lee
let me get this straight, playing it smart in FA draft has always been a thing GMs do. So last second releasing players, doing trades which make some bids illegal etc. this season has 1 thing new though, at least i never finalized bid once it reached max, i still waited like with other bids 24 hours. But as it was changed this season i see nothing wrong with this option. Its not like h4b for 9vp was particulary cheap purchase or match winner for me. As i stated, getting reinhard for 4vp would not have ended my world as well, resi bid 3vp for him, so resi was most probably also happy with getting him for 3.
I really dont see any issue here, why is this argument still going on?
By lv
this is still going on because Azela is a drama queen and if I lock the subject, he will just reopen it with more of his drama... lol I lied... Azela, grow up
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By Lee
Azela wrote:
I never denied telling 5150 that the point of EGDL was to get EVERYONE To play
Blood Fire> why did you tell 5150 that everyone has to play in egdl
Lady Vader> i didn't
Blood Fire> then why is he telling me otherwise?
Lady Vader> maybe you're too easy to troll

Lady Vader, please stop talking. Every time you speak you're being dishonest about something. You're a habitual liar.

Lee, we're not discussing the 9vp rule anymore, I'm highlighting LV's inability to tell the truth. My disagreement with the 9vp rule was because it contradicted LV's reason for shutting down the Automated FA system in the first place (over-bidding).

/Lv's credibility.
Okey, i still dont clearly understand what went on with that automated system, so i cannot tell if it contradicts anything, but i do believe this topic (F16 in trade/release forum) should not be the place to discuss this :(
By Resi
over bidding doesnt make you smart.
its just a pain in the ass for other GM's, takes longer to figure our which bids are valid
By lv
Blood Fire> why did you tell 5150 that everyone has to play in egdl

I said no, because I never told 5150 that every HAS to be played, I said. "EGDL is designed to play everyone" Just because all you care about is winning that is your problem and should not be his. You need to read what is being said and not just put in your own words. You choose to think of me as a liar, then you will. No one has any respect for you anyway so your words carry no weight.
By lv
wtf did I lie about? I don't get it. I told you, I wanted it shut down because I had no control over it, and would not do what I asked. I did not want people bidding over their vp caps, but that was discussed in chat and was handled, but you left you chat so you wouldn't know. And.. in ALL honesty, you're a GM, you have no business being a coordinator and frankly, I don't trust you... so yes, for ALL the reasons I have stated and you have stated, I wanted your automated FA system shut down. There are no lies, I never lied about it. ALL the reasons... yes, I wanted it shut down, so what? I never denied it. But the way you keep going after it convinces me that you were doing some cheating and underhandedness with it. OH, and excuse me if I can't understand all your coding and couldn't figure out how to make things work in your perfectly coded system... You're right, I must be too stupid. ROFL

Azela, you left chat and because of that you miss out on a lot of discussions. You have only yourself and your pride to blame for that. If you think I lied, you are sadly mistaken. All this misunderstanding is your OWN fault because YOU left chat on YOUR own. NO one asked you to leave. Matter fact, I have asked you on several occasions to return to chat and you refuse. So all of this is on you. If you do not know what is going on, it is because YOU chose to leave chat.

Ok... you get one more reply and I'm locking this stupid, retarded thread... Enough drama from both of us.
By lv
lol I'm not reading that. Dude, you have problems
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