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By Lee
to my wonderful team:

taught - backbone of my defense, i think you proved everyone wrong, who claimed you would not show or be worth an 8. Best swing in this league.
World - too many drugs :) great player when sober, dont know where he dissapeared
TJ Hazuki - i think i have been on the same squad with this guy at least 3 times, he has yet to show to a game!
TheCript - awsome basefighter, troubled personality, too bad he was hungoverish for entire playoffs :)
Rico - really surprised he came out of inactivity and helped us in many games, a bit rusty, but capable of both attack and defense.
Nicedreams - his role was much smaller to what i expected. He did show to number of games, but for some reason i really couldnt find a good spot for him, also he may not have the best teamwork with rest of my squad.
Melodize - awsome low vp, for 3vp, he was absolute steal, we struggled, when he didnt show up.
Legislate - in those 2 games he did show up he was awsome, so underrated for 5.
Gunbarrel - great overall player and in playoffs also awsome fr anchor, all that for 5vp, one of the mvps of the season
Flion - he did show for a few games, but now is gone for good i think.
Field - always in chat, never in game, typical tw for u :)
Cyp - i really hoped she would be more active, but she had to move and i am not sure she knew servers were back up. When she did show, she was solid as a rock and i think gamedecider vs Azela
Blood Line - troubled by lag and only could play in first few games for me, which is a shame, awsome player
Barbar - did show a few times
Attack Mode - great nme anchor when in "zone", a definite steal for 5vp
Art Of War - laggy rushmaster, he struggled in a few games, but was hardcore when it mattered, always active as well
Andreo - really glad he picked up activity and was really helpful inboth games and in spec
Aelderon - amazing player, dont know why he was rated 6, could anchor and swing as an 8 and also active.
Trannysaurus Rex - solid and trustworthy rusher, master of many ships, he did miss a few games but i could always trust him to do his thing while in game.
Disturbulance - another mvp of the team, amazing anchor and great passive rusher, all that for 5vp
Konii - she actually did show a few times, but since then has gone missing.
Zizzo - played once i think
Bombay Sapphire - really helpful and nice person, needs to prac more though :)
MCI - still great cloaker and rusher, a bit unpatient, wished u could show to playoffs as well
Fat Mouse - great attacker, another one we lost after server crash
H4B - my most controversial pick, but hey, i could play him as a 9vp and he played in finals and we won, my point is proven

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