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How would you like to see playoffs run?

One Set of Games (1st against 4th; 2nd against 3rd)
Mini League (everyone plays everyone again) (extends league until 27th)
Best of Three (extends league until 27th)
One Set of Games (1st against 4th; 2nd against 3rd) With 3 Game Final
By lv
Ok guys, Since we can all see the playoff rule sucks, and I really don't want to follow it because it is highly unpopular with everyone. So here we go, VOTE!

Please vote! If you want to Lady bash, go to the other thread or create a new one so I can make a decision by Wednesday.

Thank you for your cooperation. :razz:
i voted for option 1) but only if we keep current bases, i would vote for option 2) if we would change bases...
yea thats even the worst idea.
in any case my opinion is still the same, if we are gonna use same bases, have just 1 semifinal and 1 final
if we are using new wider bases, lets have another minitournament and then final
The way teams are playing for ties just to hold on to a league that barely means anything, I have to vote for option 1. Don't want to have to play anyone twice for a combined total of 10 hours of full attacking.
i think with the current way games are going, if games are played as best of 3 all in one day, winner might well be decided by who is the first to run out of subs and play undermanned. voted 1 game semis and 1 game finals.

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