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Is LV getting the boot after this league (still will stay mod just not in charge of leagues)

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By Lee
Very confusing poll and question setup.
You ask in topic title, if she would be In or Out, but poll options are yes and no. What?
One can say yes to LV being out, say no to LV being out, say yes to LV being in and no to LV being in...
By lv

Look at the person making the poll and then look at the replies.

Knowing Stewie, Azela, AR and a few choice others really hate me and are bashing every move I make. It comforts me, seeing you three get so mad and makang stupid topics like this. Gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am doing such a good job cuz you three wouldn't be bashing me so hard if I wasn't. gg Thanks for the vote of confidence!! The more the three of you cry, the happier it makes me. Keep the stupid topics and comments coming!

rofl nuff said :roll:
By Resi
Lee wrote:Very confusing poll and question setup.
You ask in topic title, if she would be In or Out, but poll options are yes and no. What?
One can say yes to LV being out, say no to LV being out, say yes to LV being in and no to LV being in...
expect nothing more from a retarded virgin teenager
Anyone can host the next league as long as you are committed and not run off midway during the season like "you know who" :neutral:

Practice makes perfect. Now that there are new rules set in stones, the next egdl league will run smoothly.

Hopefully and when the next league rolls along, the league coordinator will bring some rules from EGDL to EGXXXX

Everyone makes mistakes. I do too. I don't know everything. I can't please everyone. If time zone changes, I can't change it back. As long as LV's trying her best and even though she made mistakes along the way, so be it.

Go vent your frustrations in flappy birds for not beating my high score of 558.
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By mattyoung
lv is nice and if she wants to take on another league I think she should.

However, she needs improve her mediation skills. Sometimes she barely controlled anything when it needed controlling and other times when things didn't need control she did so... As well as make a few new rules here and there..
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By BOGmeduser
There's been a bit too many issues that have gone back and forth, but I'd say the worst part is LV takes it all way too personally.

If someone feels they can do a more consistent and trouble free job then I'd welcome they step up.

Otherwise we thank LV for her time and effort, and ask her to put personal shit aside and try to be consistent with the rules, etc.

Again, the worst thing is seeing the league coordinator getting into little shit throwing fits on the forum with other kiddies.
I'd rather see azela host the remainder of the leagues in EG. LV just gets pissed off too easily and starts making up random shit and argues with everyone and everything that goes the wrong way. She either needs to stick to the rules and stop making up random shit left and right, or she needs to gtfo.
By Shatan
Lee wrote:Very confusing poll and question setup.
You ask in topic title, if she would be In or Out, but poll options are yes and no. What?
One can say yes to LV being out, say no to LV being out, say yes to LV being in and no to LV being in...
Agreed^ personally I think she should run more leagues as there is room for improvement as long as she takes the criticism she got this league and uses it to improve her performance. dedication in the zone is only rivaled by a few as well (Lee and Azela are obvious examples, but if they won't have time to host so you need other options)
Azela has time to host wtf, he had time this league and lv went all Nazi on him and fired him to do a half ass shitty job.
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By Lee
problem here is that egdl GMs have not been allowed to host the league historically.
By Golfer.
u guys goin hard on someone who has volunteered her time to host a league for a half dead game - so what if she made a few mistakes here and there? I say let her host another league if she wants to
By lv
Thanks for your support everyone! :-)

I do plan on hosting more leagues and hopefully making a lot less mistakes. LOL I did make one crucial error by letting games get delayed on USA time change day, for that I am sorry. The rest of the stuff... oh well, I was on my own and I think I have been doing one hell of a good job.

yeah yeah yeah I know ... Here come the replies! ROFL <waitingforit>
By lv
Azela wrote:
You were on your own because you wanted it that way. This is what most people don't realize. After Eel stopped hosting EGDL, I took over. You muscled your way in, strong armed me out of my position as head coordinator and took full control.
You were strong armed out because you were treating me like a lower class person and told me "I need to know my place". lol So you forced me to force you out. If you had treated me like a person of equality, you would have been there to help and God knows I needed it. I am not going to put up with being treated like that, you thought I would give up and leave... lol And I'm not the one with the ego problem. I never insulted you and made it personal like you did.

Oh wait!! I may have called you a pissy little bitch
By lv
Azela wrote:As head coordinator at the time, I understood that you wanted some coordinator experience so I agreed to host the league with you to show you the ropes. Unfortunately, your ego began to cause problems. You didn't want to learn the ropes, you thought that you already knew best and you refused to listen to anything I had to say. You were a constant thorn in my side and made every decision more difficult. You should have stepped back and learned the ropes before trying to call all the shots.

As a result, you muscled your way into a position that you were not qualified to handle and that's why you ran into problems.


You proved my point. You were supposed to host this WITH me, not tell me that I don't know my place. lol My place was co-coordinator. When I asked you questions about like... why not do a mini league for semis... you stated... "no, I already posted the schedule". lol You posted it and never discussed it with me cuz "I don't know my place." lol That's just one instance... I could go on further but you proved my point with your post.

Good luck in life azela, you're going to need it.
By lv
Look azela, all you had to do was treat me with respect. What you say in your last post is pretty bogus. I used to run the zone, I know how leagues work and I didn't need you to hold my hand. I had no clue about the Draft and FA Market. Other than that.. lol You treated me like I was clueless, which I wasn't, and you were very disrespectful to me. If you could have just not gotten personal and shown a little respect none of this would have happened.
lv for head smod and eventual zone owner
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