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By Rivalry88
If you check drop/trade forum my SWEET squadleader PAT aka finite tried to put me up for drop. And claims no one will trade for me.

I am a good deal at 5vp. I am available pretty much every sunday for matches, can nme anchor (still a bit of rust on there), can attack or swing whatever needed. Finite claims that he can't get a trade for me. I WILL play for this terribly lead squad throughout the season but would like to leave it. So please throw finite ANY trade offer. He says he will take anyone. He talks the most shit on our chat saying he will trade people blah blah blah. Just a terrible leader all around.

Make an offer to him, you wont regret it. I will be on pretty much every Sunday and I log on every day. FInite is a joke. Wheres all the vets at??? Help me escape this nightmare. hahahahhahahaha.
I haven't said I would trade anyone. I only said I would trade you because after the match you were spamming people trying to go to a priv arena like you're the owner of the squad. You said you have never not led while you were on a squad I asked you to please take a step back and let me and eel and other top VP players handle the leading and you just got upset and butthurt over it. I don't want someone who is rusty and off their game to be running around trying to control a squad when they don't even know people's aliases or who is who anymore. There's no offense toward you and you in fact told me Monday that "I don't wanna play for a shit leader like you, I will find you a very good trade for me cuz I know other gm's want me" SOOOOOOOOOOOO. Since you have failed to do that and I know the truth that no gm's bidded on you in FA besides eel, youre most likely gonna be stuck with me so you need to make the best of it and accept that you're not the GM of this squad.

Yours truly,
Acid Rain <3
By amph
he wouldnt trade groan for riv and he wont trade exult for riv
groan is more vp than riv, I don't want the extra vp. and exult is fucking cyclone. not trading for him.
By Rivalry88
Finite you said on chat you'll trade me everyone cause i suck and am not worth the vp... just trade me. Im too active for your squad anyways.
By amph
pants for riv
By Rivalry
thats a god damn deal Finite. Pants is way better then me. Agreed.
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