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Rank Team Name             W - L - T - Points - Av.time
  1     Ying Jai           6    1   2        20      74
  2     I Am The Niga      5    1   3        18      54
  3     So Brave           4    3   2        14      44 
  4     Too G              3    3   2        11      64
  5     Microphallus       2    5   2        8       97
  6     Redbull            1    7   1        4       44

Ying Jai with a win over Microphallus will be #1 seed team heading into playoffs.

If iam the niga wins and ying jai Tie's, Niga goes to #1 seed and ying jai #2.

so brave is pretty much stuck at #3 spot. playing who ever gets stuck at #2 seed for playoffs.
even if redbull no-shows and too g picks up flags asap and drop within 5 minuts w/ a loss from so brave standings will be the same. The Average time tie will go in favor to So Brave..

Micro even if they win they wont be able to make a difference in playoff run being its a bit to late. sorry guys. win or loss wont make a difference in the world for them, however a tie and a win from niga would put ying jai in #2 being owned by the avg time from niga.

microphallus and redbull are pretty much out.

playoff schedule semi-final prediction:

#1 Ying Jai Vs #4 too G

#2 I am The Niga Vs #3 So Brave
By elixir
Ying Jai vs I Am The N*ga Final

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