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By jaXen
I think this deserves it's own topic as there is a flaw in the rules and needs to be dealt with. I copy pasted acid rain's post so that everyone takes a look at this. It is completely unfair and not being addressed properly. I hope that something is done about this.

"We requested to drop stevosupremo on monday and fought eel all week about it and oddly he accepts it at 8:40ish pm est making it 100% impossible to fill up to min vp (assuming friday night at midnight = saturday in the rules)

If he would of listened to poem (which poem had screenshots of stevo saying he doesnt want to participate in league) earlier we would have had sufficient time to fill the space and bid on merc or camal. But for some reason since we're playing eel's squad this weekend, he wont make any acceptions for a technicality rule that shouldn't even be applying here. Since the rule doesn't specify a time on saturday, it should be intended to be saturday night at midnight. Camal should be assigned to our team tonight at 8:50ish or whatever until the rule is clarified for everyone."
By Jordan
any rule with penalties for being under vp limit is stupid. seriously fucking retarded
By Tryo
Similarly to the Free Agent debacle that Ying Jai benefited from earlier, the benefit of a doubt should be given to teams that may be below vp limits this week but legitimately tried to get within limits. Then for future weeks clarify the rules and if it happens again, then penalize the teams by benching players.
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