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Matches on saturdays? Ye or NE

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Okay so i was going over the schedule i will just get straight to the point.

Let's not have squad matches on saturdays..
By s_fcdb
So you wanna play 3 matches on sunday?

Schedule is tight since league HAS to be done before end of november.
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By Lee
okey let me get this straight, what you are suggesting is that we spend around potential 6 sundays on egfl playoffs, 1 game per day? Because as you know playoffs have no timelimit, i would like to see what squad is capable of having another match (or having people for it) after it has won a 4 hour game for example at around 6pm est. Its also quite possible that in one semifinal we have to have 3 games, while other has just 2, which means there is a bye week in the middle of playoff-season, which is even more stupid.
Saturday games are in no way very comfortable for anyone, but i really dont want this league dragged long, especially as we still have to play egbdl playoffs as well (those will be on sunday though as games are shorter)
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