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By s_fcdb
Pre season is over, so today regular season will start. This means squad sign ups are closed. And from now on EGBDL and EGETDL matches are rated.

The website with standings and stats on it will be online tuesday or wednesday got a small problem with ELO calculations so needa fix that before i can bring it online.

There are still a few small bugs in bot:
- Bot still doesn't record subs correctly
- When teams enter on wrong freq bot will auto start and there is no more way for teams to get in.

If there is a game played which u think shouldnt count because of bot error. Post on forum MatchID (matchid is the number u put in when u accept a match) and reason what happend. Ofcourse i will try to fix above bugs as soon as possible.

For EGFL next sunday regular season will start also. The EGFL schedule will be posted later today.
By s_fcdb
Bot bugs are fixed.
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